Roller Derby Flame Skateboard Review


Roller Derby SkateboardsWhen it comes to skateboarding, the quality of the board certainly matters. Nobody wants to pay for a deck that will not hold up or for one that is poorly designed. Regardless of whether you are beginner, intermediate or expert in the skating field, an overall sturdy skateboarding kit means having an optimal tool on which to learn the sport of skateboarding properly. There are many skateboards on the market that come in a variety of sizes, qualities and prices; knowing which one best suits your needs helps you have a great fit and save money at the same time.

The Roller Derby Flame Skateboard is a beginner, entry-level skateboard that is especially designed for younger children and those who are interested in skateboarding for the first time. Roller Derby skateboards are made by Roller Derby, a manufacturer of not just skateboards but also inline skates and other skate equipment. The deck comes with the standard equipment, design and characteristics of most skateboards and the board is remarkably inexpensive (currently just $29.99 on Amazon).  But how does it hold up under close scrutiny? This review will determine the quality of one of the Roller Derby skateboards in order to help you decide whether the board is ideal for you or not.


  • 9-ply laminated maple deck with double kick tail and grip tape top
  • 5” Indy aluminum trucks with double action cushion
  • 52 mm x 36 mm white urethane wheels (cast)
  • ABEC-5 carbon steel bearings for optimal strength
  • Dimensions: 32 inches x 9 inches x 4 inches; 5 pounds

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Pros and Cons of the Roller Derby Flame Skateboard

Most obviously, the price of the Roller Derby Flame Skateboard is a huge pro. Costing just $30, this board makes a great gift for someone who is new to the sport and may not stick with it. Young children will love the board and the stable deck makes it a great first board for them to try out skateboarding. First-timers of all ages will enjoy cruising around on the board and learning the basics of the sport. The five pound, lightweight design of the board makes it much easier for a young child to carry the board about; some standard boards weigh nearly twice as much.

Unfortunately, there are downsides to the Roller Derby Flame Skateboard. The grip tape is far less coarse than on traditionally more expensive boards, so grip while doing tricks is not as good. The wheels are a little stiff when it comes to rolling, so it is harder to accelerate to faster speeds while on this board when compared to a $100 board. Ultimately, the disadvantages of these Roller Derby skateboards may be advantages for those who do not want their children going fast or flipping their board in mid-air… at first anyway!

Extreme Sports Final Thoughts

The Roller Derby Flame is one of the cheapest Roller Derby skateboards available.  It provides a general sense of riding fun and allows new skaters to begin to understand the basics. As mentioned throughout, this board is most suitable for young riders who are interested in the sport of skateboarding and do not currently own a better skateboard, and at just $29.99 it’s a great investment!

Roller Derby Skateboard