Mountain Biking in Pittsburgh


Cycling is a widely admired recreational sport all around the world but in Pittsburgh, mountain biking is given just a little extra attention.  Regardless of whether you are just starting out or are an expert bike rider, you will surely be able to find the best suited trails, organization, and shops for your needs.  The unique terrain in Pittsburgh is comprised of steep hill slopes and flat river areas which make it a great place for extreme sports and cycling enthusiasts to enjoy Pittsburgh mountain biking.  In fact, the city has also been recognized by Bike magazine for being amongst the top five places to stay and ride bikes in the United States. The support for cycling is also quite strong here and both recreation services as well as official parks can be found.  Besides this, you can also find a number of independent mountain biking and road biking organizations in Pittsburgh.

Downtown Pittsburgh is particularly renowned for being a wonderful destination for adventure cyclists, especially after the recent development of the 3.5 mile long Eliza Furnace Trail.  This is a part of the 3 river heritage trail which is 37 miles in length and runs along the sides of the Monongahela, Ohio, and Allegheny Rivers, connecting downtown Pittsburgh to other parts of the city including the south shore, the north shore, the strip district and Oakland.

Best Pittsburgh Bike Trails

Pittsburgh is considered to be a haven for lovers of extreme sports; mainly cycling because it offers a number of spectacular biking trails which loop, twist and make their way through the breathtaking scenery of the region, different country roads and woodlands.  Visitors can rest assured that they will experience the most exciting and thrill-filled Pittsburgh mountain biking experience available.

Here is a rundown of some of the best Pittsburgh bike trails that are well known throughout the world and attract a large number of extreme sports enthusiasts to the region.

1. Seven Springs Downhill Park

With so many great obstacles like 20 foot jumps and ladder bridges, the seven spring downhill park has over 10 trails which will surely leave any extreme sports enthusiast breathless and yearning for more.  This bike park has been developed with numerous thrilling trails suited for all kinds of cyclists; whether experts or beginners.

2. Roth Rock Ride

With its trails running through the stunning Roth Rock State forest, the Roth Rock Ride park offers around 30 miles of extreme Pittsburgh mountain biking. It puts forward a wonderful mixture of rock garden trails, technical single tracks and dirt roads and offers an experience that will surely get the heart of any extreme sports lover pumping. The journey through these exciting trails only gets more impressive when riders enter the old growth patch in Eastern Hemlock.

3. Two Mile Run Bike Trails

The two mile run park offers a challenging 20 mile long single track trail which is considered to be a rare gem in Oil, the commonwealth’s oil heritage region. This is one of the few Pittsburgh bike trails that offer three large loops to the bikers, each of these ranging in length as well as difficulty. Once you have taken complete advantage of the thrill and excitement that this Pittsburgh bike trails offers, make sure to enjoy the recreational areas present around the lake.

4. The Allegrippis Trails

With over 30 miles of single track Pittsburgh bike trails and countless combinations of routes, the Allerippis trails at Raystown Lakes have become a premiere biking destination for the lovers of all different extreme sports in the eastern United States. This Pittsburgh mountain biking trail was developed by the International Mountain Biking Association and comprises an array of various versatile trails offering all kinds of Pittsburgh mountain biking experiences such as snow shoeing and train running.

5. Moraine State Park

If you are looking for a Pittsburgh bike trail close to the city, then Moraine State Park would be the best choice. The biking loops at this state park are quite popular amongst a number of extreme sports lovers since it is located just an hour away from Pittsburgh. Besides this, it is also considered to be special because the trail has been built and designed by local riders. The presence of numerous boulders and hills will surely quench your thirst for a challenge.

Pittsburgh Mountain Biking Shops

If you are traveling to Pittsburgh in the near future for a biking vacation or are already in Pittsburgh, and looking to rent or buy a bike or get cycling training, it’s a good idea to visit one of the various bicycle shops present in the area. Besides offering bicycles for purchase or rent, they also provide detailed information about Pittsburgh mountain biking as well as unbiased advice about the different bikes and accessories.

Some of the best Pittsburgh mountain biking training centers and shops present in the region include:

  • Ambridge Bike Shop: Located on the Western side of Pittsburgh in Ambridge, this shop was voted as the topmost bike shop in the entire Pittsburgh region by the readers of Pittsburgh magazine. This shop has dedicated two floors entirely to bicycles, their accessories, and repair services.
  • Big Bang Bicycle: This Pittsburgh mountain biking shop is open and ready for business seven days a week. It carries mountain bikes, BMX bikes, road bikes, and city path bikes as well as bike clothing.
  • Dirty Harry’s: Located in Verona, PA, the Dirty Harry’s oriental bicycle shop specializes in matching each individual with their perfect bike. They also offer spare parts, servicing and bike sales.

Pittsburgh Mountain Biking Training

Before enjoying your first biking vacation in Pittsburgh, it’s important to make sure that you are properly equipped and prepared. While Pittsburgh mountain biking can suit cyclists of every skill level, it’s still a good idea to know what to expect.

A large number of bike training centers can easily be found in the area, and these centers help extreme sports enthusiasts to maximize the thrill and excitement of Pittsburgh Mountain Biking as well as to ensure their safety while riding. The centers also teach beginner riders all the required biking skills such as maintaining balance, pedaling, shifting and anything else to help them make the most of cycling on the Pittsburgh Bike Trails.