Emotion Spitfire Kayak Review


Emotion KayaksWhen it comes to the extreme sport of kayaking, a kayaker’s best friend is obviously a reliable, steady kayak.  There are an array of different kayaks available and it is vital that before purchasing you understand the dynamics, attributes and general specifications of the specific kayak that you may be considering for purchase.  These aspects include the length and width of the kayak, how much it weighs by itself and how much weight the kayak is designed to hold.  If you don’t take these considerations into account, your kayaking experience may be less than rewarding.

During the process of researching many different types of kayaks, we stumbled across the Emotion Spitfire Kayak. Emotion Kayaks have been around for about a decade and have expanded their operations to over 300 dealers in 28 different countries. Emotion Kayaks are priced to be relatively affordable by the masses and the company has centered its marketing approach around family fun. The Spitfire Kayak is priced at roughly $375 and with its three-year warranty, comes with peace of mind. After an initial overlook, it was determined that this kayak needed further inspection. With a focus on its specifications as well as the pros and cons of the kayak being covered, this review will hopefully help you decide whether this kayak is right for you.


  • Sit-on-top design; allows for stability and performance
  • Made from polyethylene plastic that is easily repairable and UV resistant
  • 96” long, 30” wide; weighs 38 pounds and can hold a 240 pound individual
  • Custom beverage holder and molded foot braces
  • Fold-down back rest and carrying handles included

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Pros and Cons of the Emotion Spitfire Kayak

One of the first features that enables the Emotion Spitfire Kayak to stand above the crowd is its price. Emotion kayaks in general are priced below the status quo; many sit-on-top kayaks are upwards of $500. Its lightweight design makes it excellent for children and seniors to use and this is a feature that Emotion Kayaks have consistently implemented in their designs. The overall design makes this kayak stable and forgiving in the water, allowing novice kayakers to experience the sport in a safe, laid-back manner.

There are however some downsides to this kayak as well.  Its design is different to a performance kayak and will not keep up in terms of speed or maneuverability. The keel on this kayak does not allow for a great sense of tracking (unlike some other Emotion kayaks), so more energy from paddling is wasted in righting the boat through each paddle than pushing it forward. Finally, the plastic is hard and may require a cushion or pillow to sit on when in use.

Extreme Sports Final Thoughts

The Emotion Spitfire Kayak is a great value buy and is perfect for beginners that want to get the hang of the sport before making a bigger investment. All in all, this portable kayak does a great job at the aforementioned task of helping novices and can be a great lazy-day solution to paddling about in the water, basking in the sun, fishing and exercising.

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