Skateboarding News From Around the World


A lot goes on in skateboarding all around the world.  It’s a constantly growing and moving sport.  Read on to be the first of your friends to be in the know about new events in the world of skateboarding at the moment.

Skateboarder Hit by Chevvy

In Berkeley Heights, a teenager aged 17 was hit by a white Chevrolet that was being driven by Mark Legiec, 39.  The SUV is said to have swerved off the west lane and went into the right shoulder hence causing a collision with the young skater.  Witnesses who were present during the accident stated that the Chevrolet driver had been driving under influence.  In addition to the statements, there was evidence that pointed to DUI.  The skater was treated at a nearby hospital with minor injuries, and was released a few hours later. It is also very much worth checking out this service for DWI or DUI charges, as they have an excellent reputation.

Skateboarding Bulldog

During the pet expo in Northlands, a skateboarding bulldog called Buttercup is said to have entertained onlookers.  The dog, whose owner is Paul King, is said to have begun skating when she was only 8 months old.  King said that at times they have to put her in a dog cage because she tends to really get carried away and she sometimes won’t stop.  The dog practices during both summer and winter and mostly enjoys indulging in her hobby at local parks.

New Park Opens

More in the latest skateboarding news is that skaters in Fenton definitely have something to smile about thanks to the indoor snow and skateboarding park that was recently opened.  Aside from just a skating rank, there is also a fully stocked retail shop.  The skating park is however incomplete, as the trampoline and foam pit are still incomplete.  These will be used by skaters for them to practice their aerial tricks.

Skateboarders Get Political

Skateboarders in Tunisia have come together to bring peace to their country.  They recently met in an abandoned mansion in Tunisia and discussed ways of how they will bring peace to the country after the recent jasmine revolution.  The skateboarders and street artists known as The Bedouins, have a goal of bringing conflicted areas together by uniting them through skateboarding and art.  This is a daring move by individuals to try and bring peace again between conflicting regions.  Currently The Bedouins is made up of 20 members.  The former construction minister had been the owner of the mansion but fled it when protesters became angry at him.  The group then took residence there and turned it into a makeshift skating den complete with impressive graffiti and artwork.

Skateboarding Coffins – Ride When You Die

Are you the kind of person who’s genuinely into skateboarding?  So much that you would want to be buried in a coffin shaped like one?  Well, you now have that option.  Crazy Coffins is a company that manufactures coffins in a variety of interesting shapes and designs.  It recently unveiled its skateboarding coffin that comes complete with wheels.  It is said to be the only company in the world that makes coffins that are shaped like skateboards.

Skateboarding Illegal in Tyandaga

Lastly, in the latest skateboarding news if one particular councillor has his way, not many skateboarders will be skating in the neighbourhood of Tyandaga anymore.  Rick Craven is seeing to it that skateboarders will get up to $100 worth of a fine if they are found skateboarding, as it is deemed as being illegal and dangerous activity.  Shocking!

Creative Commons photo by Justin