The Best Paintball Guns of 2020


Looking for a new paintball marker to give you the edge in the field? Below, you’ll find our pick of some of the best paintball guns currently available on the market to improve your game, make sure to take a look into We’ve cherry-picked a premium selection of first-rate marker models from some of the finest names in paintballing to get you inspired, all showcasing some truly standout features. Whether you’re seeking a more heavy-duty design to withstand all weathers or looking for rapid-firing reliability, our shortlist of the best paintball guns on the market has plenty to get you inspired.

Tippmann Cronus Tactical Marker

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The Tippmann Cronus Tactical Marker is a go-to choice for the more experienced paintball player looking for a gun that will hold up well to more intensive sessions. Firstly, the Tippmann Cronus looks the part, granting you the aesthetic edge in the field. It’s also an incredibly robust and durable design. The main body of the marker is constructed from a high-composite material, holding up well to heavy-duty use and impacts. If you’re regularly diving and drawling through all manner of outdoor environments when you paintball, this is one marker that will hold up well to everything you can throw at it. It’s also a very user-friendly and easy to handle choice, with a vertical grip making aiming and firing all the more simple in the midst of battle.

Consistent high performance is guaranteed with the Cronus Tactical. This impressive marker utilises an in-line bolt system for effective firing, which the high-impact composite body will handle with ease. What’s more, a comfortable experienced is assured thanks to enhanced ergonomics, with soft moulded rubber grips as standard. Fixed front and rear sights also provide you with more choices when it comes to precise targeting. Another area that will appeal to the more proficient paintballer is the freedom to customise this marker to your exact requirements. You’ve the option to mount a selection of accessories here, with no less than four picatinny rails provided for the purpose.

Tippmann A-5 .68 Calibre Paintball Marker

If you’re after rapid fire performance, the A-5 .68 Calibre Paintball Marker from Tippmann ticks all the right boxes. The innovative Cyclone Feed System you’ll find here will allow you to unleash up to 15 balls per second. What’s particularly impressive here is that this high level of firing performance is possible without the use of batteries. If you’re looking to minimise carrying weight without compromising on firing ability, this is definitely going to appeal. User-friendliness is the name of the game with this terrific marker from Tippmann, with spec that will stand out to the more experienced player. For example, this marker can be stripped down in the field in less than a minute, without the need for a single tool. Should you need to carry out essential maintenance or undertake impromptu adjustments in the middle of the game, this is a big bonus.

When it comes to handling, the Tippmann A-5 also impresses. Advanced ergonomics have been factored heavily into the design of this paintball marker. Key things to note about the A-5 is the front grip, which is longer than the average element you’d find on comparable markers. The overall weight of the main body of the gun is also relatively light when compared against other designs, making it a good choice for longer games when you’re looking to minimise fatigue. What’s more, the user-friendly design is rounded out nicely by the inclusion of push pins, making it incredibly straightforward to strip and adjust your marker.

Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker

If you’re looking for something a little more compact when it comes to paintball gun models, this Empire Mini GS Marker might be worth looking into. Compared to other markers on the market, this more pared-back design is easy to handle and won’t prove cumbersome when making your way through the field. As well as making the whole thing simpler to use, the more minimal design of this marker is complemented by equally sleek aesthetics. Worth a particular mention is the wraparound fore grip of this mini marker. Not only will this enhance your overall grip when playing, it also holds up well against the elements, keeping your weapon of choice in tiptop condition for longer.

In terms of technical spec, there’s plenty to get excited about with the Mini GS from Empire. To ensure consistent performance during play, you’ll be glad to find a pressure controlled poppet engine taking centre stage here. There are also integrated break beam anti-chop eyes folded into the overall design of this marker, eliminating the issue of broken balls and hindered levels of accuracy. Other nifty features include the venting ASA regulator, with a user-friendly on/off lever as standard. What’s more, you can make quick adjustments to your marker with just two hex wrenches required.

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