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Labeda Eyes Boards

Labeda Eyes Skateboard Review

The Labeda Eyes Skateboard is a complete skateboard deck from American company Labeda, who not only produce Labeda skateboards, but also design products for...

The Best Surfing Movies of All Time

Surfing movies are far more than just a mindless hour or two watching people splash about in the waves, or tanned mostly naked bodies...

Is Skydiving Safe?

Skydiving is not stamp collecting this much we know.  However, in the class of extreme sports professionals consider it, to be one of the safest.  For...
Suunto Dive Computers Reviews

Suunto Cobra Dive Computer with Compass Review

One of the most useful pieces of equipment a diver can have today is a Suunto Cobra Dive Computer with Compass.  This device enables...

Warrior Dash – The Ultimate in Obstacle Courses

If you are a true thrill-seeker, and if you think you have what it takes to conquer some of the nation’s toughest terrain, Warrior...

A Tribute to BMX Legend Martti Kuoppa

So it’s been only a few months now since BMX legend Martti Kuoppa decided to resign from the world of BMXing. According to him,...
Loaded Longboard Reviews

Loaded Longboards Dervish Complete Review

One of the hottest trends in skateboarding today is that of the Hawaiian-influenced design of longboards.  Longboards are just what they sound like –...

Step Up Your Participation in Extreme Sports with Tower Running

Last March the food court at the bottom of the Columbia Center – the tallest skyscraper in Seattle – was packed with firefighters in...