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Five Great Kayaking Hotspots in the UK

Nothing beats the invigorating adventure of taking to the open water and whether you want to battle rapids and challenging white water or enjoy...
Pelican Snowboards

Pelican Storm Snowboard Review

Since 1968, Pelican International has been a market leader for outdoor recreation products, specializing in boating products, and making them more affordable and accessible...

Break a Leg! Ski Jumps to Avoid

Skiing has always made me nervous.  The old saying ‘break a leg’ never seemed so appropriate, although most of my friends seem to come...

Five of the Best Beaches for Surfers in Devon and Cornwall

Surfing is not just a sport that is followed in the States, Mexico and Australia, Britain has some great surfing beaches, and some of...

Rock Climbing in Croatia – Where to Go?

Croatia, tucked away on the eastern side of the Adriatic Sea, is well-known for its ancient ruins of Roman eras gone by and walled...

Top 5 Extreme Sports in the Balearic Islands

Those lucky enough to plan a holiday in the gorgeous Balearic Islands are looking to have a great time and a trip that they...

No Water Required – Sand Surfing in Australia

Surfing is practically a national pastime in Australia. The trouble is, the waves aren’t always breaking and Australian surfers can’t survive for very long...

Extreme Color Game – Tips on Paintballing

If you’re the type of person whose idea of fun is an adrenalin rush, then paintball is meant for you.  Paintball was played for...