The Top Four Scuba Diving Sites in Spain – Have an Amazing Underwater Vacation


Imagine a strip of shoreline that’s 4000km long and just waiting to be explored.  You’ll have two oceans at the ready; the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, both of which offer a plethora of underwater species.  Now imagine my excitement as I made my way to Spain to visit some of the most fantastic and memorable snorkelling sites in the world. It’s an experience of a lifetime that I will truly never forget. As an avid scuba diver, I’ve seen a lot of coasts in my lifetime but I enjoy being in Spain, which is one of my favourite destinations.

Top 4 Scuba Diving Sites in Spain

Creative Commons Photo by Chris Ford

Canary Islands

These volcanic islands are situated off the Moroccan coast and serve as a beautiful destination for the avid scuba diver. Whether it’s El Hierro, La Palma or Gomera, you’ll be able to see an array of aquatic life such as eels, manta rays, angel fish, cuttle fish, lobsters and Jacks. I was lucky enough to see a Parrot fish – one of my absolute favourites and one that I had hoped to see. Outside of the water, there is just as much scenery to enjoy, which also sets the backdrop for the experience. The volcanic islands have a number of geographic pleasures such as visually captivating intrusions. Even better, it’s relatively inexpensive to go to the Canary Islands – bonus!

Top 4 Scuba Diving Sites in Spain

Creative Commons Photo by Felix Esteban

Medes Islands

The Medes marine reserve is a fantastic location for scuba diving. The most exceptional part is the clear, blue water which makes visibility a breeze, a diver’s dream. Posidonia Oceanica is a wonderful breeding ground for thousands of aquatic species. This underwater grass serves as a source of shelter and nutrition for a number of species. This area also serves as a valuable ecological resource where ecosystems are left in peace.

Scuba Diving Sites in SpainCreative Commons Photo by Alfonso Gonzales

La Manga

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned diver or a novice looking to learn, you’ll have a wave of opportunity at La Manga, particularly in the holiday resort. At any level, you can benefit from a variety of courses run by registered diving schools and it’s also the perfect destination for you if you have children. This is because kids as young as 8 years old can have diving classes and actually spend time with you in the water. The Islas Hormegas Marine Reserve (in the area) is an underwater utopia with temperate waters all year round.

Top 4 Scuba Diving Sites in Spain

Creative Commons Photo by Alfonso Gonzales

Costa Calida

This beautiful area cover a variety of cities such as Altea, Calpe and Benidorm, offering you a variety in terms of your holiday experience, as well as varied accommodation up the coast. Also, the beauty of diving in the Mediterranean is that you can expect conditions to be in your favour all-year round with visibility of up to 20 meters, even in the cooler months. This is a dream for advanced divers who will also have the opportunity to go as low as 40 meters with a professional partner.

Top 4 Scuba Diving Sites in Spain

Creative Commons Photo by Joachim S Muller

Looking for the adventure of a lifetime? You’ll honestly find it in Spain. Book your trip today and experience the magic of its aquatic life. This is a memory you can take with you for a lifetime.