Extreme Ironing – Taking Every Day Chores to New Heights


Whilst most people might find the idea of extreme sports disconcerting, there will always be one person who takes it to the next level.  If jumping out of airplanes and off buildings wasn’t enough, you now have a new group of adrenaline junkies who have added something new to an already exciting and somewhat crazy sporting sector. Enter extreme ironing, a new craze hitting the scene that brings boiling water and an inanimate object into the mix of dangerous and adrenaline-fuelled activities.

This extreme sport saw its origins in the United Kingdom where the first extreme ironer was seen pressing his shirt on the M1 motorway. While this exciting activity has become a multi-disciplinary pastime, it’s mostly done in high places. While it’s still quite new on the scene, there are already sects breaking off like Japanese speed skate ironing which involves ironing a streak every time the athlete goes past the board. Some people still don’t recognize the danger involved in this new craze but for others it’s evident.

Extreme ironing is not safe. Adrenaline junkies are now able to get their thrills more than ever before by inventing new ways to take ironing to new heights. Some prefer to iron dangling over canyons, while others incorporate it into board and even motorcross routines.

In the USA

Americans seem to be incorporating their ironing routines predominantly into water sports like kayaking. Often, three or more athletes will paddle in a row with the ironing board across them and the person closest to the end will do the actual ironing; Not only does this require strength and skill to stay in a row but with the added element of water, it creates a very unstable setup.

Rapple Ironing in Austria

Rapple ironing involves ironing while on the side of houses and fences. Many rapple-ironers move along as they iron at great heights. This is tricky to maneuver as the board is extremely uncomfortable. Also, if your iron is plugged in, you run the risk of being scolded with boiling hot water on the side of the house in front of all your neighbors and falling with a nasty injury to boot.

Skydiving Ironing in England (Championship Preparation)

England is actually home to two skydiving ironing leagues that compete for recognition in terms of form and style (amidst other riveting criteria).  English enthusiasts take this sport very seriously. Spectators are also able to watch these competitions and often show up for training as well. Want to know the crazy part? The ironing board is attached to another diver’s back making it all the more fun to watch and enticing to do.

You need to know that extreme ironing is done as it is in real life in that the iron is on whenever possible. The level of this sport, however, will change depending on the participants. It all depends how far you want to push the boundaries. It doesn’t look like this sport is going away any time soon so why not strap on your iron, grab your best friend and head out on your domestic adventure.