Skiing Beartooth Pass


Beartooth Pass is one of the most beautiful and scenic routes in the USA. Whether you want to ski in the area, hike, or drive, you will enjoy some stunning vistas. Of course, it’s the skiing we want to know about, and while beginners should probably not tackle Beartooth Pass, intermediate and experienced skiers are sure to love this course. Indeed, it has always been designed for the experienced skier. The area was set up in 1966 by skiing champions Pepi Gramshammer, Eric Sailer, and Anderl Molterer so the US Winter Olympic skiing team could train.

Beartooth Pass

The skiing elite has always been attracted to Beartooth Pass, including many top European skiers and their coaches. In 2002, the operating permits for Beartooth Pass were bought by Rob Hart, Joe Maxwell and Kurt Hallock. If this is your first trip, you should look for the variety of terrain. The slopes offer a range of bowls, glades and chutes. This allows the serious skier to work on different areas of their technique.

Also, you can expect to have you skiing or snowboarding ability assessed when you arrive. If you are unable to show a fairly advanced level of ability, you will be strongly discouraged from skiing or snowboarding in the area. If you don’t reach the standard, you can still enjoy the food, the accommodation and the nightlife in the area, as well as the beautiful scenery, so your visit will not be wasted. The Red Lodge provides good food, lodging and entertainment. You can also hire your ski equipment here – providing you pass the assessment. If you pass the assessment and are due to ski the Beartooth Pass for the first time, there are some things you should remember.

  • Beartooth Pass is at 10,000 feet. At this height, you will lose fluid very quickly so make sure to stay well hydrated and drink regularly when you are skiing.
  • You should also be sure to completely cover your skin. The summer snow is very abrasive and if you fall when you are skiing you could be cut.
  • Newcomers to Beartooth Pass should be aware of the rules of the slopes and know that reckless behaviour could see you lose your lift passes. Reckless behaviour includes inverted aerials and tucking.
  • Skiing out of the area boundaries without permission could also see you lose your lift pass. However, this can be dangerous, so you shouldn’t leave the boundaries unless you know Beartooth Pass very well.

Beartooth Pass is a wonderful place to ski, if you have the appropriate expertise and experience. The lodge is beautiful, the scenery in the area is amazing, the entertainment and food available is excellent and the ski slopes are wonderful. Just make sure that you have the skills required for the slopes. Otherwise, you could find skiing in Beartooth Pass very dangerous.