Your First Ski Trip: What Not to Do


As we all know, skiing has become a lot more mainstream over the last few years. Once upon a time, it was only experienced by a select few, but now it’s the type of trip that is accessible to most holidaymakers out there. However, in comparison to a lot of other getaways, it would be fair to say that there are more than a few misconceptions about skiing by the typical novice. Today’s article is going to drill down into some of these myths and effectively lay down what you shouldn’t be doing and expecting on your first ski trip.

first ski trip

Mistake #1 – Trust us, you can’t ski

A quick glance at a ski movie suggests that it’s a skill that we’re all born with. Well, suffice to say, this isn’t the case in the slightest.

Sure, it’s by no means the hardest thing in the world, but skiing takes some getting used to. If you are only visiting your resort for a long weekend, the last thing you want is to be hitting the floor every couple of minutes.

Instead, invest in a lesson. We use the term “invest” as it really will heighten your enjoyment. Furthermore, if you were to look at the ski school Meribel has, and specifically the types of clients there, you’d see that they range from novice to expert. In other words, this is a non-stop learning journey.

Mistake #2 – You go without a helmet

Hopefully, all of the stories in the news have shown this this is completely foolish action to take.

While it may have once almost been fashionable to ski without a helmet, now it’s the opposite. By doing so, you are putting your safety severely at risk and in some cases, you won’t even be allowed on the slopes.

Mistake #3 – You wear too many layers

This is one of the most common mistakes by novices, who treat the weather in the mountains like any other cold day. In other words, they wrap up warm, and try and take advantage of layering.

Such a mistake is understandable, but it will make you sweat endlessly. As you get into your rhythm, you’ll only need three layers at the very most as you ski. A thermal, mid-layer in jacket will suffice, and even then you might find yourself stripping down half-way through your day.

Mistake #4 – You like to sleep-in

If you are the type of person who jets away on vacation so you don’t have to set your alarm, you are set for a rude awakening.

In short, skiing getaways are designed for those who like early mornings. This is where the mountains are in the optimum condition and trust us, once you get out there, the cold air will wake you up in seconds.

If you decide to leave things too late, most of the good snow will have gone and you’ll be left with ice (which is no fun). Let’s not forget that a lot of lifts start to close down at 4pm as well, so leaving it too late really can cut your day of skiing.