Five Great Rock Climbing Destinations Around the World


Whether you are an experienced rock climber or you are just starting out, aside from keeping fit one of the main reasons that you have probably taken up the sport is to really explore what nature has to offer. The world has some great natural wildernesses and many of these can only be reached when you step off the beaten track into a national park, so if you are looking for something a little magical when you reach your final destination here are five great rock climbing destinations that you might want to consider.

Yosemite National Park

As a child this was somewhere that I always wanted to go and just a few years ago I was lucky to head over here. Although I was only a camper at that point the sheer size of the National Park and the physical features within it simply take your breath away. You can’t go past the challenge of climbing the famous El Capitan and the views that you get from the top here are simply majestic. If you are looking for a real challenge with a real reward at the end then Yosemite National Park is exactly what you are looking for, and at the end of the day you also have the luxury of camping in between the picturesque mountains.


Nestled among some of Switzerland’s most famous skiing areas the Matterhorn offers a beautiful view over large areas of this beautiful country. The best time of year to tackle the Matterhorn is during summer when you can see miles of endless countryside. In the winter this area is covered with snow and this can make climbing conditions increasingly tricky – you also run the risk of finding your head buried deep within clouds once you reach the top, thus ruining your view.

The Dolomites

Perhaps some of the most picturesque areas that Italy has to offer these mountains are a climber’s dream and once you reach the top you certainly won’t be disappointed. A series of vertical limestone cliffs these mountains can prove to be quite a challenge, so if you are planning on tackling them, make sure you are prepared and know what you are in for!


New Zealand is a country which is famous for its volcanic regions and the picturesque lakes which fall in between, so it’s not hard to see why it would be a popular destination for people who are looking to get involved in some scenic rock climbing. A popular option for people who love a good picturesque view, this area offers around 2500 unique climbing routes to suit climbers of all different standards.

Kalymnos Island

Greece has always been a place which has been strongly associated with picturesque views and if you are looking to make the most out of your mountain climb then Kalymnos Island could be the perfect destination. Research the best hotels Chania Crete for your trip to Greece. Combining everything that you would expect from picturesque Greece with pure limestone cliffs, you will be blown away by what there is to see in this area of the world.