Kink Gap 2013 BMX Bike Review


Kink Gap 2013 BMX BikeKink has been pushing the boundaries of ultimate style combined with great quality ever since they launched head first into the BMX market at the back end of the last millennia. 1998 saw the launch of the Empire F&F, a great bike still revered today. For the last fifteen or so years, Kink Bikes have been building a solid reputation for putting together great looking bikes that are equally at home cruising the streets, hitting the risers or dropping in on a vert ramp. These days Kink continues to impress. They are right at the cutting edge of BMX design, and the Kink Gap of 2013 is a perfect case in point.


  • 20 ½ inch TT Chromoly Gap Frame, HT, TT and DT Kink Stout Fork Chromoly Steerer
  • Fitted with Kink Uptown Bar 8.25” x 28.5” 100% Chromoly Mission Paramount Stem and Mission integrated Headset
  • Mission Spanish BB Sealed Cipher, Mission Transit 3PC Crank, Twenty Five tooth Sprocket and Nine toothed Driver
  • 3/8” Mission Echo Front Hub, Mission Response Sealed Cassette Hub Sealed, Alienation PBR Rims
  • Mission Pivotal Monroe Seat, Top line Kenda Kontact Tires and Mission Momentum Pedals

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Pros and Cons

First of all, the Kink Gap 2013 BMX Bike looks fantastic. With a choice of four different colour schemes, there’s something for everyone. Whether you go for the timeless Black and Gold look, or the striking Blue and Black combo, the classic Red and Black look or the ice cool white and black combination, there’s no doubt you are going to look the part.

We wouldn’t quite drop the Kink Gap into the budget range, despite the almost entry level price. The truth is, the component parts far outweigh the price you pay for what is a well put together machine. First of all we’re talking about a very high quality Chromoly Frame which is surprising at this price level. The Mission gear that is found across the bike is all great quality stuff, and the frame in particular seems lightweight yet sturdy, giving you all the confidence you need, no matter what you throw at the bike.

Out on the street, we found the Kink Gap to be excellently smooth thanks to the excellent hubs the simply brilliant looking Kenda Kontact tires.  Thanks to great breaks and a responsive and sturdy frame, we had absolute confidence in the performance of the bike even when testing the BMX to its limits on vert and street park scenarios.

One thing to be aware of before purchasing a Kink Gap is that the bike comes to you pre assembly. Flat pack instructions are good however, and the build is surprisingly uncomplicated. If you are lacking in confidence, you might like to have someone to hand who has some experience of assembling products of this nature prior to its arrival.

Final Thoughts

Overall we think this is an excellent buy. The Kink Gap 2013 BMX Bike is designed to match budget prices with a higher end product, and achieves this admirably. You really feel like you are riding a premium bike here, without the price tag. Take care with the assembly, and you can really grab yourself a bargain.