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Kink 2014 Launch BMX Bike Review

Kink are developing a serious amount of street cred for their amazing range of affordable but stylish BMX bikes, so much so that pro...

Kink Gap 2013 BMX Bike Review

Kink has been pushing the boundaries of ultimate style combined with great quality ever since they launched head first into the BMX market at...

The Kink Launch 2013 BMX Bike Review

BMX bikes aren’t just for kids - vertically challenged adults who can’t bear to say goodbye to their youth can have just as much...

Kink 2012 Whip BMX Bike Review

Established in 1994 and based out of Rochester, New York, the Kink Bike Company is a relative newcomer to the world of BMX bikes,...

Kink 2012 Curb 20-Inch BMX Bike Review

With all of the different types of BMX bikes available this holiday season, making a decision on any particular one can be difficult. Size,...