Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike Review


Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike ReviewDesigned for moderate to light off-road riding, the Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike is a decent bike that has been selling quickly since its release in January.  Priced affordably, it is a sturdy bike that has been designed to cope well with bumpy terrains.  Grassy fields, rocky paths, and even sand can be ridden on, and you’re sure to enjoy the smooth ride.  But is the Mongoose Impasse as great as you’ve heard?  Read on to find out.


  • 21-speed gearing
  • Shimano rear derailleur w/SRAM shifters
  • Suspension forks
  • Aluminium suspension frame
  • Weight – 45.7 pounds
  • Alloy front and rear disk brakes
  • 29 inch wheels

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Pros and Cons of the Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike

The Mongoose Impasse is shipped part-assembled which may not be a good thing if you’re not too skilled at DIY.  The manual will give you step by step instructions on how to put it together, however, though you can expect to take some time looking through the manual to find the right bike – it comes with a manual for a selection of Mongoose bikes.  If you struggle, a local bike shop should be happy to put it together for you.

Once the bike is assembled, you’ll find riding to be a dream.  Although the Mongoose Impasse is heavier than most mountain bikes, it isn’t too bad considering its size.  The 29” wheels make riding on all kinds of terrain smooth and bump-free, and you’ll definitely notice a difference if you’re upgrading from a smaller bike.  The seat is also said to be really comfortable, so you won’t need to fork out for a new seat in order to get in the road.

The front and rear suspensions on the bike work well, and you may be surprised by how efficient the brakes are.  Even when not broken in, they pull really hard.  The Shimano rear derailleur works efficiently, making it simple (and quiet!) to change through gears.  One thing reviewers have noted, however, is that the suspension may be a bit stiff at first – it will improve markedly though after just a few hours of riding.

The Mongoose Impasse Dual Fuel Suspension Mountain Bike also comes with a kick stand – whilst most serious mountain bikers won’t see the need for this, it can be ideal for people who are using their bike for commuting, or for non serious leisure activities.

Final Thoughts

The Mongoose Impasse Dual Fuel Suspension Mountain Bike is well worth the price, and is definitely an ideal upgrade model for beginners.  It’s a competent bike that can handle light to medium terrains effortlessly, and has many features that higher priced bikes just don’t contain.  Whilst it may take you a while to put together, this will be more than worth it when you hit the trails.  Currently priced at $317.99, you’ll struggle to find a better bike for the price.  Don’t believe us?  Check out the great reviews the product has had on Amazon!