Cribbar Contest Wants Sponsor

1282 is looking for a co-title sponsor to ensure the success of the greatest British surf contest ever.

Cribbar Big Wave is hosting the competition to find the surfer who can ride the biggest wave at the Cribbar, whilst standing in control for a single complete ride. The surfers are to paddle in whilst water safety will be available on jet ski.

Cribbar Big Wave’s official website excitedly states

“In addition to the main event there will be a display of tow-in surfing,if time permits. Big Wave surfing is a part of Cornwalls culture.

The Cribbar surf break has the biggest monster 30 foot waves in the uk, a surfing drama north of Fistral beach inspiring to watch and a life dream to ride, a challenge of the highest order.”

Rod Sumpter is staging the event this upcoming winter. The waiting period will run from October through till the end of February in hope that peak conditions arise. Rod is a Big Wave pioneer who was the first to surf the Cribbar in September 1965 when he paddled out with Bob Head and Jack Lyndgate.

Some big names are expected to turn out. Currently confirmed surfers incude Andrew Cotton who was nationally recognised for surfing an 80ft monster at Nazare. Andrew confirmed “Thanks for the invite, I’d be stoked to take part”

And we will see the young charger Taz Knight enter, recently seen taking heavy Puerto Escondido waves at over 30ft faces.

Any company or individual interested in co-title sponsor/ sponsoring the event please contact Rod Sumpter 01872 571500 / 0788 2585629 email

The event can be followed at:

Photo credit: Rod Sumpter