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Laura is the owner of Extreme Sports X. When she is not scuba diving, she is blogging, gaming, or planning her next adventure holiday.

What Kind of Athletic Shoes Do You Need?

Are you taking up a brand new sport or activity and you need to pick up the proper footwear? Did you know there are a large variety of athletic shoes all meant for specific sports/activities? Rather than head into the … Click to read the full article

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5 Extreme Sports to Try When You Visit London

Whether you’re visiting London for the first or fiftieth time, there is something new and exciting to experience — and it doesn’t get much more exciting than extreme sports. The UK’s capital has a lot to offer in regards to … Click to read the full article

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3 Steps to Choosing an Electric Skateboard

There are many ways to get from point A to point B these days. It is not uncommon to see people traveling to school by foot, bus, bike, or even via electric skateboard. Due to the advancement in technology, skateboards … Click to read the full article

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The Best Tech for Your Next Extreme Sports Adventure

Whether you are traversing a new, unexplored mountain, embarking on a snowboarding adventure or going surfing with your best mates, having the right gear is always a great way to enhance the experience. We’ve already covered lots of skating, skiing, … Click to read the full article

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Top 4 Extreme Sports You Must Try in Macau

Macau is fondly referred to as the Las Vegas of China. At night, the city is a glitzy gambling hotspot full of bright lights. By day, you can explore ancient Chinese temples, shop for souvenirs in little boutiques, and enjoy … Click to read the full article

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How to Get Into Motocross

Motocross is an extreme sport that is exciting and adrenaline-fueled, but with a range of expensive gear that enthusiasts are required to buy and a seemingly exclusive sporting community, it can often be quite difficult to get into. Whether you … Click to read the full article

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ESPN PLAYER TO DELIVER LIVE AND ON DEMAND COVERAGE OF X GAMES ASPEN will deliver live and on demand coverage of the 2016 X Games Aspen in the UK and Europe as the world’s top winter sport athletes gather in Buttermilk Mountain, Aspen, Colorado for the 15th time. The 20th edition of … Click to read the full article

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Planning the Perfect After Party for Your Next Race or Extreme Sports Event

If you are building up to something big, whether it’s a competition, match, fight or race, you have probably spent a lot of time training and gearing yourself up, completely focused on doing your best. Being determined and single minded … Click to read the full article

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