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What are the Most Common Water Sport Injuries?

Water sports can be an adrenaline pumping thrill ride, perfect for those long hot summer days. Whether you choose to surf, ski, wakeboard or...

Confronting the Cold Coast – Chris Kendall

When Chris Kendall talks about his surfing experiences, it doesn’t conjure up the usual images of surfing. There are no board shorts, white sandy...

The 5 Best Spots for High-speed Marine Boating

Whether you are an adrenaline junkie or a speedboat enthusiast, there is nothing like thrusting into high gear and feeling the boat’s power and...

Top 5 Wetsuit Brands for Stylish Females

When it comes to hitting the water, no matter what your discipline, women want to look good. Wetsuits aren’t always the most flattering costumes...

Top 12 Destinations for Water Sports

Water sports enthusiasts, ahoy!!! Here are the top 12 water sports destinations for 2012. Spring and summer are not far away at these destinations...