The Best Places in Europe for a Snowboarding Vacation


There are a lot of places where you could choose to take a snowboarding vacation. Basically, any slope with snow on it will do.  However, there are a lot more factors that contribute to a great snowboarding experience: the difficulty of the slope, the prices involved, the technology available; the queues etc. Do not worry if you do not own these yet as you can always start by reading The-House big guy snowboards posts and make your way through it to reach a place where you can get the best gear, and after acquiring it all, you are set to go. This is a list of the best snowboarding vacation destinations in Europe, destined for beginners and experts alike.  In fact anyone with a passion for snowboarding will have fun in any of these places:

Solden, Austria

This incredible snowboarding vacation resort lies in between Innsbruck and Otztal and has three awesome slopes along with three of the fastest ski lifts in Europe.  Once on them, everyone will experience some of the most beautiful views ever seen.  The main attraction of this resort is the night boarding.  At least one night a week the slopes are open to allow for snowboarding under the stars.  This experience is a must for anyone who is passionate about snowboarding.  There is a firework show to brighten up the night sky, as well as the possibility of having a drink between runs.  It is just like going out for sports exercise while going out drinking with your friends at the same time.

St. Anton, Austria

These slopes are recommended for those who are not only experienced in snowboarding, but also enjoy thrills and high speeds.  The attraction of this resort is the terrain.  The slopes have a greater inclination than most others and also contain massive amounts of powder.  This allows for a very fast acceleration.  Again, slopes this unforgiving should only be attempted by professional snowboarders who are looking for high octane fun.

Tignes, France

This resort is undoubtedly the best one in France.  Tignes was one of the first places where snowboarding was growing in popularity, at a time where other slopes were more conservative and only allowed skiing.  It is not an ideal place for people who are looking for tree runs however those with a less specific taste for the type of snowboarding they practice will find these slopes highly enjoyable.  It is also a great place for experienced snowboarders who are looking to become instructors, as the resort offers regular training courses with a wide range of variety to choose from.

Xcape Building Snowzone, UK

This is the best indoor snowboarding facility in the world.  People who prefer to play video games on their consoles as indoor entertainment really do not know what they are missing out on.  The fee is paid by the hour and that usually includes boots and a snowboard.  Seeing as how it is an enclosed area there are plenty of instructors who can keep their eyes on the customers at all times to ensure their safety and to provide feedback in order to improve the snowboarder’s techniques.  This is a fantastic place to learn and perfect a snowboarder’s style.

LAAX, Switzerland

This is considered to be the absolute best location in terms of a snowboarding vacation. Every serious snowboarder as well as anyone else with a passion for this sport must visit it at least once.  You can see the top snowboarders of the world compete in some of the biggest events in snowboarding.  The resort is filled with challenging slopes, half-pipes and fast ski lifts.  It is common to see some of the biggest DJ’s, actors and singers in the world come here to join the party.