How to Choose the Right Snowboarding Instructor


If you want to take up snowboarding the first thing you will need is the right snowboarding instructor to teach you.  While this task can present some problems, there are some guidelines to follow that will ensure that you as a beginner choose the right instructor.  Snowboarding was born when a father thought that by attaching his son’s skis together he could help him improve his technique.

Eventually, snowboarding became one of the most popular extreme sports as well as the most popular winter sport.  It has even been added as an event at the Winter Olympics.  However, snowboarding is governed by other rules and regulations, and that alone can make it very difficult for someone who is just starting out to find the right teacher.  These are the questions that must be answered any time an instructor is being evaluated.

snowboarding instructor

What Past Experience does the Snowboarding Instructor Have?

The potential pupil should ask the snowboarding instructor to contact some of his previous students.  This can attest his training experience, as well as give an idea on his training methods and overall ability.  Most teachers offer the phone numbers for past pupils themselves.  This not only helps to establish a relationship between the two, but it also makes the students more confident in the instructor’s abilities.

How Much will Training Cost?

This is a vital question.  Money is usually an important factor in any decision most people make.  If a snowboarding instructor is more expensive, this usually means that he has a lot of experience and a great success rate when it comes to teaching students.  In most cases it is worth it to pay extra in order to get the best training possible.

However, beginners who are just trying to learn the basic skills needed for snowboarding may want to avoid paying extra for tips and techniques they probably will not use.  Also, the student needs to know what exactly is covered by the costs.  Some instructors will only charge their fee, but the pupil will need to pay extra in order to use the facilities and rent the equipment.  Also the type of slope used for training will also affect the overall price of the instruction sessions.

What Will be the Relationship between Teacher and Student?

In order to learn anything but to also enjoy doing it, the relationship that the snowboarding instructor has with his students is vital.  That is why the two should always meet in person before they agree to any kind of business.  There are a few common approaches that instructors take with their pupils.  Some try to become friends and have more fun when they’re going down the slopes.  Others feel that the student can obtain the best results when there is a professional relationship between the two based on respect.  The student should figure out what kind of snowboarding instructor he would prefer and seek him out accordingly.

When is the Snowboarding Instructor Available?

The teacher and the pupil must be able to agree to a schedule that works out for both of them.  The student will not be able to pick a snowboarding instructor that works a regular 9 to 5 schedule if that is the same time when he has to be at work.

If you ask your snowboarding instructor these simple questions before you start out, you are sure to find the right one for you!