U.S. Divers Mercury Shorty Adult Wetsuit Review


US Divers WetsuitWhatever your favorite water sports pursuit, chances are you already own or are in need of a wetsuit.  There is a quite mind-boggling choice out there: between the sleeveless, full-length, shorty and the countless brands and suppliers, it can be quite confusing.

For warmer climes and waters, you are best off choosing a shorty wetsuit.  As its name suggests, it only covers your upper arms and legs, leaving your forearms and everything from your knees down, completely bare.  Where thermal insulation is key, go for a full-length suit but if you’re going to be dabbling in waters of 72F and higher, you’ll be perfectly comfortable in a shorty.  They look great and are general easier to put on than their full-length counterparts.  They also allow greater flexibility in the limbs which can be crucial in a lot of sports.

The U.S. Divers Mercury Shorty Adult Wetsuit Specifications

  • 3mm titanium blend panels on the chest
  • Neoskin seals
  • Variety of sizes available
  • Stretch panels under the arms
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty

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Pros and Cons

In blue and black, the U.S. Divers Mercury Shorty Adult Wetsuit is an attractive and affordable shorty. It’s made out of top-range materials and the 3mm chest panels help reflect heat back to the body meaning divers can stay in the water for longer.  The side panels are 2mm thick giving plenty of flexibility whilst still keeping the torso warm and the arms, neck and legs are fitted with neoskin seals so that the suit seals out water.

By and large, it’s pretty tricky to find anything negative to say about the U.S. Divers Mercury Shorty Adult Wetsuit.  One thing to be wary of is the sizing.  Make sure you try on the suit first or at least ask for very precise measurements before buying, as the ‘medium’, ‘large’ etc. descriptions aren’t very specific.  After prolonged use, the seams can start to suffer so keep an eye on these.  However, it’s unlikely to happen unless you’re using it pretty much constantly, in which case most suits would start to wear.  The zip string is also a little bit short so you may have to have assistance in doing up the suit or rig up some kind of extension yourself!

But all in all, this suit is very well made and offers flexibility, style and sufficient warmth for the waters it’s aimed at.  The price in particular will have shorty fans reaching for their wallets.

Extreme Sports Final Thoughts

If you’re a diving or surfing enthusiast, the U.S. Divers Mercury Shorty Adult Wetsuit is a great choice and it can be found for a very reasonable price; you will generally find it priced between $50 and $80.  The suit is comfortable and the seams are well made, ensuring that there’ll be no irritation to your skin. U.S. Divers has a good reputation and it’s rightly deserved. If you are sure that the waters you’ll be pottering in are nice and warm, you’ll be satisfied with the U.S. Divers Mercury Shorty Adult Wetsuit.  And you’ll look great!

This wetsuit is also available in a “full version” – perfect for the cooler waters.  You can read our review of the US Divers Adult Full Wetsuit here.

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