DAKINE 2012 Super Tune Ski Snowboard Wax Kit 110V Iron Review


DAKINE Snowboard WaxWaxing your snowboard regularly really will make all the difference in the speed and smoothness of your ride, especially if your board is manufactured using a porous material. Using a wax regularly will stop the build-up of dirt on the base of your board, improve your glide and also make turning much easier. You’ll be able to ride better for longer, and isn’t that just the Holy Grail?

Finding the best snowboard wax can be a trial as there’s a lot out there to choose from. Often the best snowboard wax is stumbled upon by accident. But we are pretty keen on the wax kit from Dakine. Dakine is one of the market leaders for supplying extreme sports equipment so can be trusted to provide great quality every time.

The DAKINE 2012 Super Tune Ski Snowboard Wax Kit 110V Iron is a great investment, especially when you consider the price differentials between getting the whole lot in one go and buying every little element separately. There isn’t really much difference (depending on the provider of course) so it’s far easier – not to mention faster – to just get the whole lot in one go.  By all means shop around and see if you can put together a kit on your own for far less but in the interests of saving time, we’d rather go with the best snowboard wax kit we can see on the market.

DAKINE 2012 Super Tune Ski Snowboard Wax Kit 110V Iron Specifications

  • Tuning tips
  • Tuning iron complete with adjustable temperature and edge tuning tool
  • 10 inch file
  • Wire cleaning brush
  • Metal scraper
  • 10 inch scraper for wax
  • Pocket stone
  • Octane bar
  • Scuff pad
  • 1 clear and 1 black P-tex

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Pros and Cons

The waxing iron is by far our favorite part of this kit due to its fast performance: it heats up in less than 30 seconds so no hanging about! While you’re rubbing the wax in, the iron stays hot too which is extremely useful. The wax that is supplied with the kit works really well and smells lovely which helps! We are fairly certain that it’s the best snowboard wax available – though do correct us if you think we’re wrong!

If you have any rust on your edges, the edge stone supplied in the kit will get rid of them and shine up the edges of your board beautifully. On the downside, our kit didn’t contain any kind of documentation on how to tune gear properly but tutorials are widely available online.

DAKINE Snowboard Wax

Extreme Sports Final Thoughts

Okay so it’s a bit of an indulgence at the price (currently $79.99 on Amazon with $20 off) but if you can spare the cash, investing in a waxing kit of this quality will make all the difference to your ride. It comes in an attractive multi-pocket case which makes it easy to carry round. The tools are high quality too, hardly just thrown together for the kit’s sake.

All in, we can thoroughly recommend the DAKINE 2012 Super Tune Ski Snowboard Wax Kit 110V Iron.