O’Neill Boost Drysuit Review


O Neill Boost DrysuitA drysuit is an essential piece of equipment if you enjoy sports in cold water.  The O’Neill Boost Drysuit in particular is designed to give you lots of room and mobility and is made from a very durable and abrasion resistant nylon.  Although they have a watertight PVC backing, the suits remain breathable and are designed in such a way that they are easy to use with additions such as a waterproof back zipper and taped seams.

O’Neill is, of course, a household name for all things surfing, including wetsuits.  If you are looking for cheap drysuits, an O’Neill may not be the best option for you, but you may be able to come across a second hand one on Amazon.  This particular drysuit is one of the most sought after drysuits on the market and sometimes it is important to also pay for quality.

O’Neill Boost Dry Suit Specifications

The O’Neill Boost Dry Suit is a suit that is made for comfort and durability and some its features include:

  • Suspenders built in to the suit
  • PVC backed nylon panels
  • Seams that are fully taped
  • Loose and comfortable fit
  • A neoprene neck designed for comfort
  • Leg cinches that can be removed
  • A horizontal back zipper that is fully waterproof
  • Latex wrist and ankle seals made from extra thick latex

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Pros and Cons

Because the O’Neill Boost drysuit is one of the most popular drysuits amongst cold water divers, you know that it is an incredibly good quality suit that is made to last and give you comfort.  On the downside, this drysuit is not known for being the warmest when compared to other drysuits on the market.  It is also not one of the cheapest drysuits available, but you are paying for quality.  It is easy to find the O’Neill Boost drysuit for sale online and if you do not mind a second hand suit, you don’t have to pay over the odds for it either.

The ankle and wrist seals are made of extra thick latex which means they are more comfortable and that no water will get in.  The neck is made of a particularly smooth neoprene material, meaning that it is comfortable and does not scratch or itch.  Furthermore, the O’Neill Boost dry suit has suspenders built in, so that the suit stays on when you undo the neck seal.  If you are planning on undertaking any extreme sports in cold water, this is the suit for you.

Extreme Sports Final Thoughts

No matter which water sports activity it is that you enjoy, if you are performing it in less than tropical waters, you will probably require a drysuit.  Although there is a case to be made for looking at cheap drysuits, you will find that investing in quality and comfort is a good idea, and will keep you more comfortable over time.  The O’Neill Boost drysuit is also built to last, so you won’t need to replace it after just a few uses.

O’Neill is one of the most trusted brands in the wet and drysuit business and the Boost drysuit in particular is one of the most popular suits available.  At around $400 it isn’t exactly cheap but it is well worth the money in our opinion.

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