O’Neill Youth Epic Wetsuit Review


O Neill Youth WetsuitsAnyone who is familiar with water sports knows that a wetsuit is a very important piece of equipment to have if you want to remain protected from the cold.  During colder months, wetsuits are essential to stave off hypothermia even in places with temperate waters since you will still be losing more body heat than you would in the warmer months.  The O’Neill Youth Epic Wetsuit is a great option for youths to have so they can continue to enjoy the water sports they love such as surfing or scuba diving even during the winter months.  O’Neill youth wetsuits also stay away from a simply boring black rubbery look, and the O’Neill Youth Epic Wetsuit has not only quality construction but also a sense of style.


  • 100% Superstretch Neoprene Full Suit
  • External key pocket
  • Glued and Blind Stitched Seam Construction
  • Covert Blackout Zipper to Lock Water Out
  • Double Rolled Smooth Skin Neck Closure
  • Fluidflex Firewall Chest Panel for Increased Warmth
  • Available in a variety of sizes (age 4 to 16) – size guide below

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O Neill Kids Wetsuits

Pros and Cons

One of the very first things you notice about the O’Neill Youth Epic Wetsuit is it has a very good sense of style making it very appealing to young adults since it comes in a variety of different colors.  We have to admit, it is a pretty cool looking wetsuit.  The fluidflex chest panel does a great job of keeping warmth in the core area and the external key pocket is a very nice, user-friendly touch that isn’t seen that often on many wetsuits, especially ones designed for youths.  O’Neill youth wetsuits have a very good reputation for high quality at an affordable price, and the O’Neill Youth Epic Wetsuit is certainly no exception.  The overall construction of the suit is top notch and very durable, and the zipper is very high quality.  This O’Neill youth wetsuit is very versatile and can be used for any number of different water sports; it is especially good for surfing.  The superstretch neoprene that the suit is made of is very soft to allow for maximum comfort for whoever is inside.

The downside to the O’Neill Youth Epic Wetsuit is that while it does a great job of keeping the body’s core warm, as well as the upper arms and legs, lower arms and legs seem to have less covering and can become chilled.  This seems to be part of the design of the O’Neill youth wetsuit however as these same negatives can have very positive benefits if the O’Neill Youth Epic Wetsuit is primarily being worn for surfing, since the thinner neoprene on the arms will assist with paddling, and the firewall chest panel will do a great job of protecting the chest from cold wind and air.  It may still be a good idea to consider investing in foot and hand coverings for the O’Neill Youth Epic Wetsuit if you are planning on wearing it whilst scuba diving especially in colder waters.

Extreme Sports Final Thoughts

The O’Neill Youth Epic Wetsuit is a great and affordable though not inexpensive wetsuit for youths and is ideal for those who are primarily going to be participating in cold water surfing.  Currently available on Amazon for $134.95 this is a great buy for those who regularly participate in water sports activities.

O Neill Youth Wetsuits

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