Evolv Women’s Electra VTR Climbing Shoe Review


Evolv Womens Climbing ShoesWhen it comes to climbing performance, climbing shoes can make the difference between a successful scale to the summit and an exhausting failure.  The shape, symmetry and traction of any climbing shoe determines ultimately what a climber can and cannot accomplish when wearing them.  Climbing shoes can be made of a variety of materials: suede, rubber, nylon and cotton are just a few materials used to construct the ideal shoe for scaling peaks and plateaus alike.  The shoe in the spotlight today is the Evolv Electra Climbing Shoe, which has been a signature design in the women’s Evolv climbing shoes lineup and a favorite among climbers of all skill levels.

The Evolv Electra Climbing Shoe is a performance shoe with a low volume toe box, arch and heel, giving it a sleek profile that allows for easy climbing.  Evolv Sports and Designs have been dedicated to developing and launching some of the most groundbreaking styles of climbing shoes to hit the market in recent years.  The Evolv Women’s Electra VTR climbing shoe provides balance and the benefit of ample traction, allowing for the rapid scaling of cliffs, mountains and whatever else one may want to climb.  In our review, this women’s Evolv climbing shoe will be put to the test to see if the net result is another great shoe by Evolv.


  • Elastic Synthratek perforated upper shoe aids in airflow
  • Featuring TRAX XT-5 high-friction rubber soles
  • 1mm half-length mid-sole
  • Velcro straps for easy on/off action
  • Narrow, low-profile designed especially for women’s feet

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Pros and Cons of the Evolv Women’s Electra VTR Climbing Shoe

The Evolv Electra Climbing Shoe’s velcro straps are big and allow the wearer to put them on and take them off quickly and easily.  At $89, it is a reasonably priced shoe that is perfect for beginners but designed well-enough to be used by experts, too.  The shoe holds up really well to stretching, allowing for maximum use over time before the shoes need to be replaced.  The low-profile design ensures that the shoes fit a woman’s feet securely and properly.

There are some negatives to this women’s Evolv climbing shoe as well.  The shoe seems to accumulate stench rather quickly, so be sure to wash or spray your shoes out after every use.  The shoe is flat, which makes balancing on tiny holds more difficult but allows for easy smearing.  Reports have also indicated that some stress may be exerted on the larger toes, even when a proper fit is ensured.  These shoes are by default better fitted to a wider foot, so those with narrow feet may not benefit the most from this shoe.

Extreme Sports Final Thoughts

The Evolv Electra Climbing Shoe is an excellent buy for women who are seeking a quality, base-price climbing shoe to use on beginner courses inside and outside.  These shoes can also be worn to the gym and are comfortable in most situations.  At less than $100, the price cannot be beaten especially when you consider this is the 2011 version of the shoe.  If you are considering the idea of rock or mountain climbing and are looking for a utility shoe to help you achieve your goals, the Evolv Electra may be the right one for you.

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