Snowboarding in Whistler


Snowboarding is enjoyed by countless people from around the world. Several countries have various snowboarding venues and accommodations that allow locals to enjoy and partake in the experience in their own backyards, but there comes a time when the inner adventurer beckons for something more. It’s no coincidence that this neck of the woods played host to the 2010 Winter Olympics; with some of the best winter extreme sports venues in the world, Whistler demands the attention of snowboarders the world over and she receives it. In this article, we will explore the basics of snowboarding, the advantages of snowboarding in Whistler and why Whistler snowboarding will be a journey you will never forget.

The Cold Core of Snowboarding and Whistler

Snowboarding is the sport of descending a snow-covered mountain or slope using a snowboard, mounted bindings and special boots. Snowboarding began in the United States in the 1960s and has since evolved into an Olympic sport and major past-time for extreme sports lovers over the past fifty years. While the basics of Whistler snowboarding are straightforward and easy to comprehend by many, it takes practice and dedication to truly master the sport. Styles of snowboarding include free-carve, freestyle and free-ride, each with different tricks and variations. Snowboarding in Whistler offers the chance to experience all of these styles and more in an expansive, open environment.
Whistler-Blackcomb Mountain has over 8,000 acres of prime snowboarding real estate to explore, with venues that appeal to snowboarders of all experience levels and styles. Nestled in the foothills of western British Columbia, Whistler is continuously voted as the #1 ski resort in North America for a variety of reasons, including the ease of access to the back country, moderate temperatures and a well developed infrastructure. Whistler offers upwards of twenty lifts to help ferry riders to their destination of choice once in the park and nearly as many varying modes of transportation to get to and from the park. Accommodations are the only hassle when visiting Whistler; typically hotels and resorts here are quite expensive and generally must be booked months in advance due to mass numbers of extreme sports enthusiasts flocking here in the winter months.

Choosing Your Guiding Light and Equipment

If you are a first-timer to snowboarding in Whistler and show up at the world’s premier snowboarding arena, it is advised to recruit a guide or instructor to help maximize your time there. Whistler snowboarding guides are some of the best in the world and can help teach you the basic principles of snowboarding and have you on your feet (and staying there) in no time. It is important to shop around as there are literally hundreds of guides competing for your business and there are many expert guides that are very affordable. Selecting the right guide will make all the difference in your Whistler snowboarding experience. Below are some suggested guides to use while in Whistler:

  • Pro Ride Snowboard Camps – Pro Ride Snowboard Camps is a leading contender in Whistler extreme sports when it comes to snowboard guiding and instruction. Offering courses ranging from five days to twelve weeks, you are sure to find the exact Whistler snowboarding course, camp or clinic suited for your experience. Prices of the camps and courses average about $150 CDN per day.
  • Whistler-Blackcomb Snow School – One of the best deals out there, these Whistler snowboarding professionals offer private courses for up to five individuals for one flat rate. There are lessons for children, teens, adults, and they also offer ski lessons in the event you decide to cross over. They also offer a complimentary concierge service to help plan and coordinate your activities both on and off the mountain.
  • Southside Lodge – Helping extreme sports enthusiasts since 1993, Southside Lodge provides accommodations and guides for those Whistler snowboarding experts through its subsidiary, Whistler Snowboard Tours. Mainly providing visitors with access to some of the best snowboarding spots in Canada as opposed to instructing, WST can accommodate all styles including Heli Boarding and can direct you to the perfect hidden course that matches your skill level and style.
  • Affinity Sports – One of the most respected equipment rentals in Whistler, Affinity Sports has a developed network of seven locations throughout Whistler and offers a free shuttle service to pick you up and drop you off. They also offer free storage, free equipment swaps and free rentals to children under 12 (when an adult rents).
  • Summit Sport – Even though SS only has one location, you will find everything you need for snowboarding in Whistler here. Located directly across from the Whistler Gondola, which uploads to both mountains, you can easily pick up and drop off equipment on your way in and out of the courses. Summit Sport also offers free storage and prides itself on having excellent customer service and great reviews. There is always a manager on duty to ensure the needs of his Whistler snowboarding customers are met.

The Whistler Snowboarding Experience

Whether it’s a hot beverage in this picturesque mountain town or a breathtaking glide down 5,000 feet of untouched, pristine mountainside, Whistler has something to offer to everyone who is interested in winter sports and beautiful scenery. There is something truly remarkable about the sights and sounds of Whistler and it could be said that this raw, natural appeal is what pulls people from all over the world in like a moth to a flame. Snowboarding in Whistler offers a rare chance to mesh with the elements in a way that is harmonizing and allows the snowboarder to “express” his or herself to nature and allow nature to do the same.

When you leave here, a little piece of yourself will be left in Whistler and you’ll end up taking a little piece of Whistler with you. Whistler snowboarding is the epitome of what it means to be alive and free in this world and you owe it to your mind and soul to experience this glorious place at least once in your life.