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Ripstik Caster Review

Ripstik Casters have become incredibly popular lately.  They are in essence a cross between a snowboard and a skateboard.  Initially designed to give children...

Extreme Sports Holidays in South America

If you really want to try something new, it’s high time you got yourself down to South America where a trip to the region...

Skydiving in Utah

When the state of Utah is mentioned, words like, “thrill,” “adrenaline,”, “extreme sports” or even, “skydiving,” don’t exactly come to mind. Given the stereotypical...
O Neill Boost Drysuit

O’Neill Boost Drysuit Review

A drysuit is an essential piece of equipment if you enjoy sports in cold water.  The O’Neill Boost Drysuit in particular is designed to...

Extreme Ice Swimming

You may have read in one of my previous posts that I went on an ice diving adventure in Finland recently.  Although it was...

Communicating With Your Belayer – A Rock Climbing Essential

As I’ve said before, and I’ll say over and over again, rock climbing is a very safe extreme sport provided when you do go...