Extreme Color Game – Tips on Paintballing


If you’re the type of person whose idea of fun is an adrenalin rush, then paintball is meant for you.  Paintball was played for the first time in 1981 with Nel-Spot pistols, which were used for marking livestock and trees by ranchers by some friends who wanted to test the idea.  Essentially, paintball is a sport which can be played individually or in teams.  The main idea behind this game is to try and eliminate your opponents by shooting them with capsules filled with water soluble dye.  It can be played indoors or outdoors, and the terrain (natural or artificial) facilitates cover from your opponents.


Paintball keeps players on their feet as it involves exercise either in the form of you chasing your opponents or retreating from them.  In the past three decades, this game has grown to be very popular among children, teenagers and adults.  It is the world’s fastest growing extreme sport and is indulged in over 100 countries.  Experts refer to it as a strategy game that is modeled on real-time war.  Below are a few key points that help make paintballing more enjoyable.

Establishing Boundaries

Making boundaries clear before-hand will improve the quality of your game immensely.  You should discuss the outer limits with your opponents.  Taking a walk around the playing field before the game is a great way to accomplish this.  It will also help you to familiarize yourself with the terrain and strategize more effectively.

Objective of the Game

The rules and objectives of the game should be discussed clearly.  Are you playing a capture the flag game or an elimination game?  What special rules are to be followed?  All these questions should be clearly answered to ensure a fair yet challenging game.

Starting the Game

The game starts when both the teams are in their respected bases and are ready.  The teams should call out to each other and check if they are prepared to begin.  Then a player from the first team shouts out “Game On” and with it the paintballing begins.


A player is considered hit if there is a clear, coin sized paint mark left on his or her equipment or body.  There are some variations if a hit is considered or not depending on how the person is hit.  A splatter is when the paintball breaks on a surface close to the player and the paint splashes on the player.  This is usually not counted as a hit.  Some games require a person to be hit more than one time on certain body parts.  The considerations of hits should be clearly outlined before the game commences.  Once a person has been hit, he must walk off the field with his gun raised above his head and announce that he has been hit.


When one team or player has completed the set objectives, all the other players should be informed.  Everyone can leave the field.  Do not pull off your masks before barrel covers or plugs are in place to avoid accidents.

However intense and brutal it gets, this is an addictive extreme sport.  Paintballing is fun and has many different types of games that keep monotony at bay.  Types of guns and playing terrains can also be changed once you get a better idea of the game.  This game can be played within a few seconds or can go on for hours.  Either way you are sure to come out feeling alive.

Penny Cooper is a writer by profession and likes to blog about her varied interests. She represents BB Guns UK online store.