Diamondback 2012 Session BMX Bike Review


Diamondback BMX BikesSince its inception in 1978, the Kent, Washington based Diamondback BMX company has been well known for creating top of the line, high performance BMX bikes that have dominated race tracks.  This has led to Diamondback earning a very strong reputation for manufacturing some of the toughest, most versatile BMX bikes available.  The Diamondback 2012 Session BMX Bike from Diamondback continues this tradition.  Designed to handle any sort of terrain, from the dirt and parks to streets and jumps, the Diamondback 2012 Session BMX Bike can handle anything the beginning or veteran jumper can throw at it.


  • Two available wheel sizes – 20 inch and 24 inch
  • Frame = full chromoloy
  • BMX Jump Bike
  • Tektro 907 breaks
  • DB Darin Read Plastic Seat
  • Available in three colours: black/bronze, red/black and blue/black

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Pros and Cons of the Diamondback 2012 Session BMX Bike

The Diamondback 2012 Session BMX Bike is a high performance BMX bike.  It is manufactured to the same high quality that everyone has come to expect from a brand like Diamondback who have built their reputation on creating versatile BMX bikes that are good for both beginners and veterans.  Weighing in at 25lbs with a durable steel frame and fork, this bike was made to be durable and able to handle all the jumps you can throw at it.

It might not be the most lightweight BMX Bike on the course, but the Diamondback 2012 Session BMX Bike will certainly be one of the toughest.  This makes it great for beginners, or more experienced riders who might not have started seriously getting into jumping yet, since it will be able to handle any spills you end up taking.  Because of its weight, it is not an ideal racing bike, and it can be difficult to pull off a lot of tricks on it, but in a way that is good since once you learn the basics on a heavier bike like the Diamondback 2012 Session BMX Bike, it will be much easier for you to do even more when you upgrade to a more specialized bike based on your specific skill sets.

Pricing is pretty reasonable on the Diamondback 2012 Session BMX Bike – it typically ranges between $230 and $260 – so price shouldn’t be an issue when it comes to this number.  However, the Diamondback 2012 Session BMX Bike does not come assembled, so be prepared to take some time to make sure that you have everything assembled correctly and securely before you take to the track.  It is recommended that you take it to your local BMX pro shop and have it professionally assembled there.

The Diamondback 2012 Session BMX Bike also does not have a kickstand, so you won’t be able to stand it up on its own, which shouldn’t be a problem for serious BMXers, but if you are just looking for a bike to ride around town, then this bike may not be for you.

Extreme Sports Final Thoughts

Overall, the Diamondback 2012 Session BMX Bike is a very reasonably priced and durable bike that won’t break your budget or break on tough jumps.  This is a good solid bike for those new to BMX to learn on and comes in numerous different colors so you can personalize it to some extent.  Currently priced at $230 on Amazon this is set to be one of the top BMX bikes released this year.

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