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Santa Cruz Skateboards

Santa Cruz Bamboo Shark Complete Longboard Review

The latest offering from Santa Cruz Skateboards in their Landshark line of skateboards is the Santa Cruz Bamboo Shark Complete Longboard.  Considered to be...

Storm Chasers – Why Do They Do It?

It’s a fair assumption that all – or at least most – people have at least a small amount of fascination with, or wonder...

La Sportiva Tarantula Climbing Shoe Review

The very first climbing shoe I ever bought was a La Sportiva shoe. It lasted me about 4 years before finally giving up the...

Have a Ball in a Sphere!

It doesn’t matter what you call it; sphering, zorbing, orbing or globe riding it’s all the same thing – a human hamster ball.  The...

Avoiding Altitude Sickness on Your Snowboarding Trip

One of the best things about extreme sports is that they can take you to some interesting places.  What generally makes them so interesting,...

Top 10 Mountain Biking Destinations in the US

If you are planning on going mountain biking in the US this summer you are sure to have an amazing time.  Not only is...
Diamondback Mountain Bikes

Diamondback 2012 Sorrento Mountain Bike Review

The Diamondback 2012 Sorrento Mountain Bike is one of the latest mountain bikes from Diamondback Mountain Bikes.  It is a rugged bike, that will...