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Paintball – The Beginnings and The Basics

Today, paintball is almost universally recognized as a sport; great for recreation, fun, and critical tactical consideration.  It takes more than a good shot...

Cressi Shorty Men’s 1mm Wetsuit

Cressi was founded in 1946 by two Italian brothers Egidio and Nanni Cressi and it is now the oldest and one of the most...

Scuba Diving in the Caribbean – The Lowdown

No matter what your skill level or experience there is something about scuba diving in the Caribbean that holds a special place in a...

Skydiving Weight Restrictions – Is it Safe to Dive?

Practically anyone can enjoy a skydive as it is one sport that has very few restrictions and limitations. However a certain level of fitness...
Mongoose BMX Bikes

Mongoose Dibbs Freestyle Bike Review

Since being founded in a humble southern California garage back in 1974, Mongoose has been a true innovator when it comes to the sport...

Decompression Sickness – What Causes it and How to Avoid It?

Scuba diving is not danger free and providing that you have received your dive training at a fully registered dive school you should be...

Zorbing and Its Olympic Aspirations

The simple design of a large inflatable plastic ball has given the world an exciting new sport.  Zorbing is so versatile that it is...
Kink BMX Bikes

Kink 2012 Whip BMX Bike Review

Established in 1994 and based out of Rochester, New York, the Kink Bike Company is a relative newcomer to the world of BMX bikes,...