Puddle Winching Pals


The recent very soggy UK weather has led to the spontaneous development of a new sport, puddle winching.  With the aid of a cleverly homemade, petrol powered, horizontal winch, along with their wake boards, these ingenious pals from London, have developed a way of waterskiing without the assistance of a speed boat, or indeed being out on a body of water.

// Action // Puddle Winching from Creative Capture Media on Vimeo.

Swamp Donkey

Their unique winch, which they have nicknamed Swamp Donkey, pulls them across a waterlogged field at an impressive 25 miles per hour.  When asked what prompted them to come up with such a unique idea the friends stated that they found it difficult to leave the opportunity that the flooded sports pitch presented alone, and it seemed to be screaming out for them to make the most of it.  Unable to ignore such an opportunity Swamp Donkey was brought out to the field and a new extreme sport was created.

This is not the first time the enterprising group have used water as a basis for developing their own style of extreme sports; the guys from South London have also tried their distinctive style of surfing on the River Thames.  Upon being discovered by the police, and the police then being unsure what they had discovered the lads actually doing, they were asked to ‘move along’ as the police were sure that they must have been contravening some law or regulation, though they admitted that they weren’t sure exactly which ones.

Come Rain or Snow

It took only a light dusting of snow during the winter last year for the guys to take to their snow boards out onto Wimbledon common, using their tailor made winch to pull them across the frozen ponds and icy grass.  It seems that there is no opportunity too small to have some extreme fun.  They are the first to admit that they are a group of adrenalin junkies looking for the next adrenalin buzz and will go out of their way to make sure they get it.  They have posted videos of themselves surfing the puddle, during the wettest April on record, onto YouTube for all to see and have received lots of positive feedback for their sense of invention and enterprise.

This is the kind of extreme sports that we love to see!