5 of the Most Popular Extreme Sports Activities in Spain


While extreme sports is a language spoken all over the world in different ways, each country has its own unique achievements and approaches to this exciting world. Spain is no exception to this idea (check Yumping), with a thriving local extreme sports scene that transcends all of the international favourites, with some local flavour. In fact, some of the most famous extreme sportsmen and women come from the country.  If you are heading to this sunny European destination for an adrenaline rush you may be interested in some of the following:


While this sport is popular the world over, you’ll find some of the best riders in Spain. This is also where you can find a number of BMX tournaments and other competitions that include international participants. In fact, on more than one occasion it’s also been the starting point for major events such as the 2010 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup, which is an achievement in itself and a testament to the countries love for the sport.


While this sport still seems to be a young man (and woman’s) game, there are plenty of participants of all ages hitting parks around the country. Although heavily influenced by western culture, the sport is thriving in the area and has been taken on by locals to form part of Spain’s youth culture.

Vuela Con Ala Delta (Hang-Gliding)

While this sport isn’t for the feint-hearted, you’ll find that many of the locals and tourists alike, love taking part.  Not only are adventure tours created specifically around this activity, there are also plenty of open spaces for landing and perfect views.

Escalade En Rocas (Rock Climbing)

With a setting such as Costa Blanca for example, it’s hard not to want to hit the limestone and go rock climbing until you can’t move a muscle.  You’ll find every kind of experience from a gentle climb from the car park right through to testing your vertical limits. Also, you’ll find that Europeans favour Mallorca as a climbing destination, due to the views and varying terrains.

Wakeboarding in Caspe

Perhaps the popularity of wakeboarding in Caspe can be attributed to the fact that this location is just far away enough from airports for it to be a new experience but still convenient to access. Here you can take part no matter what level you’re at, through one of the extreme sports academies in the area.

With plenty on offer including some of the most extreme sports in the world, it’s no wonder that the Spanish are so fond of getting their adrenaline pumping.  If you’re looking for a run for your money while on holiday there, you should definitely get involved by experiencing the thrills you know and love with the locals.  You’ll get to see some of the world’s most recognised faces, who are said to spend a lot of time in the local parks instead of training in their own arenas like in the west. Make this part of your trip to Spain if you’re headed there and if you’re already in the country, why are you reading this? You should be out there getting your heart racing!

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