Extreme BASE Jumping from the KL Tower


Every extreme sports enthusiast has surely thought about BASE Jumping at some point or another especially if death-defying experiences are what it takes to get their adrenaline pumping.  After all, isn’t the prospect of jumping off a high structure the perfect idea of fun for daredevils at heart?  However, if you are already an experienced BASE jumper and falling from a building, bridge, or cliff is no longer as exciting as it used to be, then you might want to take BASE jumping to the next level by trying out KL Tower BASE Jumping.

BASE Jumping KL Tower

What’s So Special about KL Tower BASE Jumping?

Extreme sports usually kick off through large, international events, and this is the case with KL Tower BASE Jumping. The event is recognized as the first major BASE jumping event to have been organized in Asia, particularly in Kuala Lumpur.  It all began in 2001, when the International Pro BASE Circuit (IPBC) collaborated with the first people who BASE jumped in Malaysia in 1999 to organize a BASE Jumping Invitational. Fifty BASE jump professionals were invited from all corners of the globe, and they awed their spectators with over 434 jumps from the KL Tower.

Before anyone knew it, the KL Tower was hosting international BASE jumping events on an annual basis.  Over 80 participants attended last year’s KL Tower BASE jump event and the two day event really stood out in BASE jumping history.  With 1,800 BASE Jumps accomplished in the two-day celebration, you can definitely say that the annual BASE jumping meet at the KL Tower is an event that is flocked to by BASE Jumpers from all over the world.

Are Experienced BASE Jumpers the Only People Allowed to BASE Jump from the KL Tower?

If you are thinking about participating in the annual international BASE Jumping Event at the KL Tower, you might have to correspond with the event organizers, as they only send invitations to experienced jumpers.  However, if you would like to try BASE jumping at the 300-meter platform offered by the KL Tower at any other time of the year, you are free to do so, regardless of your level of experience.

BASE jumpers are encouraged to visit Kuala Lumpur, as it is more of a tourist attraction, so there really isn’t anybody who would try to stop you (although you will be required to follow the instructions of a pro who will be on standby for your jump).

I’m No BASE Jumper but I Want to Witness This Event.  Can I?

Of course.  The event usually coincides with the anniversary of KL Tower, which is around the last week of September or first week of October.  It is wise to check the official website http://www.kltowerjump.com for more information about the exact dates of the upcoming 2012 event, so you can make arrangements to stay in Kuala Lumpur at that time.

Dangerous as they are, extreme sports have a way of attracting both the strong and weak-hearted, because they offer a way for humans to display their skills and an opportunity to defy death in an exciting and “awesome” manner.  However, if you want to get into an extreme sport like BASE jumping, you should not just think about looking cool and being able to cheat death; you have to learn the sport with dedication as well in order to acquire the skills to do it right.  BASE jumping may try the strongest of hearts, but it should only be attempted when you have the skill to go along with your courage.