Five of the Best BMX Trails in Australia


If you are thinking about exploring beautiful and vast wild lands, then Australia is your best bet. But, if you are thinking about exploring beautiful and vast wild lands in a wild BMX Australia adventure, let us confirm that you made the right choice of destination. Australia is not only known for Kangaroos, the world-famous Sydney Opera House, and the canyons that serve as desktop backgrounds to millions of computer users; it is also known as a territory that warmly welcomes and encourages the practice of extreme sports.

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Since BMX Australia biking adventures are regarded as extreme sports, then rest assured that there are numerous BMX trails that can quench your thirst for thrill and adventure. Here they are:

Tuggerah – Ourimbah Forest Trail

If this is your first trip to get the BMX Australia experience, you might want to try a bike trail for intermediate-level bikers. The bike trail in Ourimbah State is perfect, since it’s only a single six-mile track. The scenery is magnificent and the natural obstacles are right where they should be. Streams run alongside the track on numerous points, making the trail easy to navigate for amateurs and those who want to take things slowly.

Penrith – The Yellowmundi Trail

The Penrith bike trail is a favorite among BMX extreme sports enthusiasts because of its agreeable 9-mile length on a single track. The bike trail features a loop so riders can easily take another ride if their first run was insufficient. The attractions of this bike trail are mainly natural obstacles in the form of cliff-like jump points, fallen logs, drops, and quick bends.

Melbourne – Windsor BMX Bike Trail

If you are in the mood to do some biking with local BMX enthusiasts, a suburban bike trail attraction might do you some good. Take a train to the Windsor station along the Sandringham line. From there, your suburban bike trail begins. Simply follow the path going to the city and you will find the locally-famous BMX track on the left side of the road. This track is best visited on the first quarter of the year, when all BMX riders meet for an informal bike trail convention.

Menia- Ansto Mountain

If you’ve got exceptional endurance and a whole day to burn for a fifty-mile long single track, then the bike trail in Ansto is perfect for you. There aren’t any multiple trips on the trail, which is perfect for those who want a straight and grueling journey. However, be prepared because there are loads of rocky patches requiring long climbs. You might want to bring a shock-resistance camera along, for the bike trail can be tedious but the view is magnificent.

The Grind

This bike trail may seem exceedingly short at five-miles, but it can be the most exhausting and challenging bike trail you can ever experience in Australia. You might take an entire day to finish this trail, which is filled with vertigo-inducing vertical climbs, large obstacle debris, and mind-blowing rock drops.

These are just five of the best known BMX trails in Australia, but there are loads more that are merely waiting to be discovered. If fun and adventure is what you are looking for, then take the next flight to Australia and bring your beloved BMX along!