Schwinn Women’s SX2000 Bicycle Review


Photo of the Schwinn Women's SX2000 BicycleSchwinn women’s bicycles are a top choice for ladies looking to hit the trails.  The Schwinn women’s SX2000 bicycle is a top performer in this field of standout bicycles.  The beauty of this bike is that it is literally trail ready.  The aluminum frame provides a stable ride while the shock-absorbing fork in the front offers a more comfortable ride.  A padded seat on the Schwinn women’s SX2000 bicycle helps to make the ride even more enjoyable by creating a base that can create comfort even on the bumpiest of outdoor landscapes.  The SX2000 also has the quality in name, brand, and trust that comes from being part of the family of Schwinn women’s bicycles, providing the rider with an even stronger peace of mind while riding.


  • Shimano Transmission
  • 21 Speed
  • Padded seat
  • Shock-absorbing fork in front
  • Aluminum geometry frame
  • Weight: Forty-two pounds
  • 16 inch frame, 26 inch wheels
  • Suitable for riders 18 and up

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Pros and Cons

One of the great benefits of the Schwinn women’s SX2000 bicycle is that it has multi speed options from which to choose. The bike is twenty-one speeds via a Shimano transmission. The aluminum geometry frame allows for easy handling and control as well. The other great positive aspect of this bicycle is the fact that it was created by the quality experts that throw their influence and knowledge behind every Schwinn women’s bicycles, making it a great and quality purchase.

The weight can be both a negative and positive for this bicycle. The Schwinn women’s SX2000 bicycle weighs in at forty-two pounds, which allows for ease of movement but can become heavier if taken long distances by hand. Another of the drawbacks that comes with this bicycle is the recommended age for usage. Women using this bicycle for their adventures should be at least eighteen years of age or older.  For this reason, the Schwinn women’s SX2000 bicycle may not be the best for beginners but more advanced riders to the field or those that meet the minimum age requirement.

As with most bicycles, there is the need for assembly but assembly can be completed more quickly with the easy to read instructions. With these being some of the only drawbacks, however, this should be a top bicycle for any woman looking for a smooth and comfortable ride.

Why Choose the Schwinn Women’s SX2000 Bicycle?

Schwinn women’s bicycles come in a wide variety of forms and models that are most appropriate for women and built with the needs of female riders in mind. The SX2000 bicycle is no exception. This bicycle has the off-road ready capabilities that can take the bicycle from assembly to the road. This coupled with the comfort structure and design with which it was created makes it a great choice. Further, the price at just under two-hundred dollars makes it more easily accessible for all of those individuals looking for an affordable ride. This price point coupled with the features packed into this bicycle make it a great option for individuals ready to hit the trails in style and with speed.

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