Extreme Pogo – Everything You Need to Know


Extreme sports come in a wide variety of different styles and genres.  While some are popularly known, other members of the extreme sports family are relatively undiscovered in the mass population.  One such sport that belongs in the latter of these categories is extreme pogo.  Though growing in intensity and popular sentiment, this relatively new extreme sports addition is not as well-known or publicity driven as some others.  The following information explains everything you need to know about extreme pogo, from where it started to what to expect.  Use this as your foundation for understanding this interesting extreme sports addition.

What Is Extreme Pogo?

Extreme pogo is a sport which utilizes the pogo stick as a propulsion mechanism to perform unique and interesting tricks.  Much like extreme skateboarding, this version of pogo takes the activity many children love to play and moves it to a whole new level.  Tricks are performed with the pogo stick several feet in the air.  As technologies and the pogo stick have improved so too have the quality of jumps and air maneuvers.  Participants have benefited from increased improvements that allow them to spend more time in the air for tricks and to get increased level of heights.  This means that flips have increased in difficulty and more intense movements are occurring.  The sport is only expected to grow in difficulty as these technologies associated with the pogo stick continue to improve and be worked upon.  For this reason, extreme pogo is not waning in its hold on the extreme sports title but only grasping tighter to it.


Extreme pogo is, as aforementioned, a new member to the family of extreme sports.  It was developed in the 2000’s and was the brain child of David Armstrong.  Armstrong has turned his love of extreme pogo into a lucrative and financially rewarding career.  He is the founder of the website known as Xpogo.com which is a one stop shop for all things extreme pogo.  There are photos and videos, as well as blogs, on the sport and highlights of events to come.  Information keeps extreme pogo enthusiasts and participants in the loop about the sport.  It also serves as a testament to Armstrong’s unwavering interest and consistent passion for the sport.


Since 2004, the annual event known as Pogopalooza has been held as a showcasing venue for extreme pogo participants.  It is an event in which individuals can really show off their skills and their new tricks.  The extreme sports event is held every year and is the world championship event.  The event is actually produced by David Armstrong’s Xpogo and was first held in the great state of Nebraska.  Since then, it has been held seven times and includes numerous competitions and awards.  Included in this list are competitions for the biggest air in a trick, the most difficult technical trick, the best trick and even high jump events.  An individual visiting this extreme sports event will see amazing high-flying spectacles all done with the help of a pogo stick.

Creative Commons photo by Elizabeth Chamberlain