TUSA Imprex Sharp Tip Knife with Holster


TUSA dive knivesTUSA sharp tip knives carry with them the reputation of quality and expertise in manufacturing and design. When it comes to the TUSA Imprex sharp tip knife with holster, this attention to detail is not forgotten. The Imprex knife is a scuba knife that is accredited and recognized by top caliber diving schools around the world. The blade is settled in at five and three-eighths inches with a grip added ten inches for overall length, meaning that it has a long but not too long blade needed for under the water.

Many vertoku knives reviews states that the TUSA Imprex sharp tip knife with holster also comes with, as the name suggests, an easy to use placement kit with a buckle and strap that is strong but comfortable to wear. The buckle is released with a simple unhooking that releases using a hook located at the end of the strap. This makes for ease of movement and easy accessibility. For those that want a more customized look in their knife, the TUSA Imprex sharp tip knife with holster comes in two different colors, shark silver and cobalt blue. For this reason and more, it is a top choice for divers of all levels of performance and expertise.


  • Easily disassembled for washing purposes
  • Ten inches from tip to end
  • Five and three eighths inches
  • Easy to use holster with release
  • Recognized by top scuba instructors
  • Quality materials used in construction
  • Two different color options, cobalt blue and shark silver

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Pros And Cons

One of the most positive aspects of any of the TUSA sharp tip knives are the quality of construction and materials used. With the TUSA Imprex sharp tip knife with holster, ease of use is also a plus. The knife can be used under water, placed in the holster and removed quickly. The length of the blade provides a nice but not extreme blade reach that is needed and the ease of movement can be a great option for those looking for quick accessibility to their blades.

The blade length, however, is not ideal for every underwater need or desire. For this reason, it becomes important that a diver consider the different options that they want from their blade before they choose this one. The length can be a drawback for some so this should be considered first and foremost before choosing this great blade with the holster.

Final Thoughts

The TUSA sharp tip knives are known for the quality that a diver needs and wants, and the Imprex does not disappoint or break trend. Though the blade length is not suitable for all underwater needs, the Imprex can be a great option for those that are looking for an underwater knife. At a price of forty-nine dollars, the TUSA Imprex sharp tip knife with holster is a great choice for those working within a budget. The quality is there yet so is an affordable price, allowing all divers to take comfort in the knowledge that they are getting a well made piece of equipment at a price that meets their budget.

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