Sea Doo Dolphin Sea Scooter Review


Sea Doo ScootersFinding a water fun activity that is ready for the whole family to use can be difficult. With the Sea Doo Dolphin sea scooter, however, here are great options in one device. The Dolphin is able to be used by anyone individuals eight years and older, children and adults alike. With built in safety features and the quality of construction that Sea Doo sea scooters are known for, this is a great option for anyone looking for a fun scooter that is ready for the whole family to use.


  • Can be used by children and adults aged eight and above
  • Travels two miles an hour at peak speed
  • Safety features built in to the device include auto shutoff and protection through grilles
  • Waterproof internal electronics
  • Only 12 pounds in weight
  • Warranty for use up to one-hundred eighty days
  • Rechargeable battery powered
  • Full charge allows for 1.5 hours of play
  • Can be used in pools or lakes
  • Easy build for maximum mobility

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Pros and Cons

The great thing about the Sea Doo Dolphin sea scooter is that it can be used by several ages of individuals, making it a great option for a family purchase.  The vehicle can be used by anyone aged eight years and older which means that children will get the experience and fun that they want and adults will as well.

The Sea Doo sea scooter brand, which is known for its safety and for its added protection features in all models, does not disappoint with the Dolphin scooter. The Dolphin has protective grilles and auto shutoff which make the ride better and safer for all individuals that use it. This can allow both adults and, more importantly, children to know that they are safe if they use the Dolphin responsibly. The rechargeable batteries are a great resource as well because the Sea Doo Dolphin sea scooter can be powered again and again without having to constantly buy new batteries for use.

There are, however, concerns that need to be addressed as well. The batteries of the Sea Doo Dolphin sea scooter may be rechargeable, but at full charge, they will only last for one and a half hours. This can be shorter than is needed by the average family of users so should be taken into consideration when planning for use. Further, unlike with other Sea Doo sea scooters, the Dolphin is only for use in pools and in lakes. Salt water or ocean play is not acceptable with this device. For this reason, the lack of versatility toward salt water can be a hindrance for some individuals.

Extreme Sports Final Thoughts

There are assuredly limitations to the Dolphin Sea Scooter, however, the benefits far outweigh the negatives.  The quality of the Sea Doo name combined with the safety features that every parent and family will love make the Dolphin a great option for fans of water sports of any age. At a price of just under one-hundred sixty dollars, this family fun is affordable as well, making the Sea Doo Dolphin sea scooter a top choice for families who enjoy the water.

Sea Doo Sea Scooter