Going Skydiving for the First Time? What You Wear is Important!


It probably took all your courage to decide to do the jump and now the moment is approaching it’s time to decide another important matter. “What to wear”? Now this may seem a question more suited to ask before going out on a date, but who would have thought that what you wear when skydiving is an essential question for anyone participating in this extreme sport for the first time.

The Thrill of the Free Fall

Remember when choosing clothes that you will be freefalling at a rate of around 120km per hour or 75 miles per hour. At these speeds, it’s highly possible to lose anything that is not securely attached to your body. Long hair and necklaces flapping in the breeze can be very dangerous and shoes not attached by laces or straps will fall off mid jump.

Be Practical and Dress Comfortably

The short answer to the question is that you should wear what feels comfortable, fits snugly and presents no danger of falling off mid dive. Whilst these may all seem logical to most people, it’s not unusual to see some people treating a sky dive like a fashion show. Ditch the jewellery, and forget skirts and dresses if you are a woman. If you are a man, take off the tie and choose sneakers over boots.

What Your Club Will Provide for You

Most skydiving clubs provide jumpsuits, helmets, goggles and possibly gloves for you to wear over your own clothes, so choose your clothing based on this knowledge. If you have long hair, whether you are male or female do pull it back into a ponytail. In a tandem jump, the helmets worn are soft helmets, designed to prevent injury to the other jumper whilst providing adequate head protection to you.

Dress for the Climate

The environmental conditions at your location will also contribute to your choice of clothes. If you are skydiving in a hot or humid climate, choose t-shirts and shorts as your choice of clothing. You will be wise to add a tracksuit if you are jumping in cold weather or during the winter. Whatever the climate, choose closed in shoes that firmly attach to your feet. These provide foot protection for the landing and enable you to forget about them during the freefall.

If you wear contacts or prescription glasses you can wear them under the goggles you are provided with and the choice to wear them or not is completely up to you. If you choose to wear your own glasses or contacts the instructor will assist you in fitting your goggles correctly.

Be Guided By Your Club

Anyone who participates in extreme sports regularly will understand the importance of hazard identification and risk reduction before participating in any sport. Let your club guide you if you are uncertain about what is appropriate clothing, Knowing “what to wear” and choosing the right clothes when skydiving will help contribute towards an unforgettable first time experience.