Extreme Sports Activities Available in Barcelona and Who Offers Them


Extreme sports are huge in Barcelona, not only with participators but with spectators too. The city is even host to an annual extreme sports festival which is held every July and attended by thousands of sports fans.  But what sports can you take part in when visiting the city?  Check out this great guest blog and see if any of the following intrigue you…

Tandem Parachute Jumping

For a less extreme alternative to jumping out of an aeroplane 12,000 feet up try tandem parachute jumping. The Barcelona Adventure company, based in the north of the city, offer a great service, which includes compulsory safety training beforehand and a fully qualified instructor strapped to the participant’s back so they can control the entire descent.

Barcelona Adventure- Tandem Parachute Jumping: http://www.barcelonaadventure.com/index.cfm/p/activity_skydiving

Introduction to Freefall

Barcelona Adventure also offers an Introduction to Freefall course (IFF). The course is two days and costs €520, which includes training with a tandem jump and a level 1 skydive accompanied by two instructors. The latter addresses the positioning of the body, coping with the altitude and how to pull the ripcord.

Barcelona Adventure- Introduction to Freefall: http://www.barcelonaadventure.com/index.cfm/p/activity_skydiving

Accelerated Freefall

To become a qualified Skydiver, which would mean you can practice wherever you are in the world, the Accelerated Freefall (AFF) course is the best option to go for. Barcelona Adventure offer this course and it includes 10 days of British Parachuting Association BOA training, eight graded jumps and 10 administered jumps. The first two jumps are with an instructor and focus on the body’s positioning. The rest of the jumps are supervised freefall exercises apart from the final jump, which is assessed and solo. When all these steps are completed the individual graduates and are then allowed to practice their new skills with a further 10 jumps.

Barcelona Adventure- Accelerated Freefall: http://www.barcelonaadventure.com/index.cfm/p/activity_skydiving

Mountain Biking

Due to Barcelona’s close proximity to the mountains it’s a great place to go mountain biking. There are a ton of companies, located in the Gothic neighborhood in the city centre, that offer tours and bicycle rental. Barcelona Adventure offer a great deal that includes an English speaking guide, transfers to the venue, mountain bike hire and all safety equipment.

Barcelona Adventure Company Mountain Biking: http://www.barcelonaadventure.com/index.cfm/p/activity_mountainbiking


As Barcelona is situated on the Mediterranean Sea water sports are another popular activity easily available. Everything from sailing to water skiing is available. If you want to go sailing then head down to the port where there are masses of companies offering lessons and boat rental.

If you fancy something a bit more adventurous kitesurfing is also available. Mojo Kite, in Castelldefels just outside Barcelona, offers equipment rental and kitesurfing lessons from IKO certified instructors, for every level, on some of the most beautiful beaches on the Costa Brava. They can teach lessons in English, Dutch, Spanish or Italian. As they cater to every level participants have the option of going at top speeds and flying high or just taking it easy cruising on the clear blue water. Mojo Kite is open from March till October.

Mojo Kite- kitesurfing lessons: http://www.mojokite.com

Surfing is also a popular sport in Barcelona. Along the beach there are surfboard shops where board rental and lessons are offered. For the best surf aim for the winter months as the Mediterranean is flat as pancake in the summer.

Written by Hatty Copeland, a freelance travel journalist who writes about Barcelona with easyJet holidays. She has previously written for several publications, including Men’s Health, GQ and Seventeen Magazine. Her knowledge on what to do and where to stay in Barcelona provide a great resource for anyone looking to visit the city.