Top 5 List of “Tame” Extreme Sports


We have talked about many different extreme sports on here and even subdivided them in categories (air, land, water and water).  But what exactly are extreme sports and what are the most extreme of extreme sports?  Basically, an extreme sport is a physical activity that is fraught with danger and risks.  This can be anything for white water rafting to skateboarding or from steep skiing to free-fall parachuting.  Someone who is into extreme sports has guts and probably somewhat of an addiction to adrenaline.  Naturally, they also have to be very skilled.  Let’s take a look at the top 5 extreme sports that are doable by people who simply want to give things a go.  Later, we will take a look at the top 5 that really are for daredevils.

#5 – Skateboarding

For many, skateboarding is a bit of an easy extreme sport.  After all, what’s so difficult about riding about on a plank on four wheels?  However, if you look at the amount of tricks and flips people can do, and how high they fly on half pipes – the record for distance is 79 feet, the record for height is 23.5 feet – you may see how it is actually quite extreme.  By the way, the record for biggest drop is 28 feet, which is some jump.

#4 – Sky Diving

This immediately has a more extreme feel to it because it involves hurtling towards the ground from great heights.  Parachuting and sky diving actually isn’t so dangerous, because the equipment is very safe.  However, to make it a little bit more extreme, enthusiasts are trying to break the record for the longest free-fall, which currently stands at 80,380 feet (he jumped from 83,523 feet).

#3 – Rafting/White Water Kayaking

White water kayaking really is a combination of leisure and danger.  It is a reasonably safe sport because the equipment has to meet a range of safety standards.  The risk of something going really wrong is pretty small, but it is still a very real risk.  It is classed as an official sport, however, with world championship events.

#2 – Parkour

Parkour is also known as free running, although there are some differences.  With both however, it is about jumping off, on and over structures in urban areas, like walls, street signs and trashcans.  It is about vaulting over anything that stands in your way in an elegant manner.  Parkour, however, is about doing this as quickly as possible.  Free running is about doing it as stylishly as possible.

#1 – Motorcross

Motorcross is probably the most extreme sport that can be practiced by someone who is not – yet – an adrenaline junkie.  This is a seriously dangerous sport, but the thrill is amazing.  It’s fast, it’s dirty and it involves a motorised machine.  What else could you want?

These sports are all extreme sports, but they are the least likely to give you any serious injury or even cause death. However, they are extreme because if something does go wrong, death is actually quite likely.  Join us next time for even more extreme sports!