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Exciting and Fun White Water Rafting Adventures

When it comes to white water rafting trips, it is truly about the journey rather than the destination. Whether it is a tame, family-oriented...

White Water Rafting Questions Answered

White water rafting is a really fun sport to take part in and if you have never tried it out before you should do!...

Why Go White Water Rafting?

White water rafting dates back to 1842 and is still a very popular sport today. I know lots of people who have had a...

Top 5 List of “Tame” Extreme Sports

We have talked about many different extreme sports on here and even subdivided them in categories (air, land, water and water).  But what exactly...

The 6 Classes of White Water Rafting and River Examples

White water rafting like the American Whitewater Expedition is an exciting adventure that is done in a sturdy rubber raft, usually a group with...

White Water Rafting in Colorado

The thrill of extreme sports is taken to a whole new level when you decide to take on white water rafting in Colorado.  If...