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Emotion Spitfire Kayak Review

When it comes to the extreme sport of kayaking, a kayaker's best friend is obviously a reliable, steady kayak.  There are an array of...

Would You Dare Swim in The Devil’s Swimming Pool?

When planning a vacation to get “away from it all,” most families opt for extravagant resorts, theme parks, or even camping trips.  And then...

Latest Extreme Sports News

Today, extreme sports is a multi-billion dollar industry compared to the past when it attracted only the courageous and adventurous.  Surfing seems to attract...
DK BMX Bikes

DK Cygnus 2011 BMX Bike Review

BMX riders understand the importance of a solid performance bike and how that translates to fun on the course.  Factors such as price, durability...

Kayaking in Cape Town

Any extreme sports enthusiast will tell you that getting out on the water and pushing your body to the limits, can be just as...

The Top 10 Gnarliest Wakeboarding Tricks

Wakeboarding is a sport that is rising in popularity in the US. Created out of a mixture of water skiing and snowboarding, this high...
Dakine Tuning Kit

Dakine Super Tune Tuning Kit Review

Anyone who is an avid snowboarder knows how important it is to select the right type of snowboard for his specific style whilst also...

Extreme Sports Insurance – What is it and Do You Need it?

For most, getting insurance coverage of any kind (life, health, etc.) is not difficult. That is, until you mention to your agent that you...