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Diving With Tiger Sharks – The Ultimate Extreme Scuba Experience

Unless you are a seasoned diver who has experienced your fair share of shark dives, you probably don’t realize that every shark offers a...
US Divers wetsuit

U.S. Divers Mercury Full Adult Wetsuit Review

When it comes to scuba diving, it is vital that the wetsuit you are wearing not only meets the required specifications for the particular...

Beyond Kilimanjaro – Five of the Greatest Mountains in Africa

While we may love the idea of ascending Kilimanjaro, in recent years Africa's tallest mountain peak has, let's face it, became a little overexposed....

Surfing in Ireland

As a surfer, you go where the wind takes you. After all, it’s your free spirit and spontaneity that probably attracted you to the...
Atom Longboards

Atom Kicktail Longboard Review

Longboards have become a very popular form of skateboard in recent years and provide several benefits over traditional skateboards.  The longer design is ideal...

Choosing the Best Skateboard Bearings

The question of what are the best skateboarding bearings is one that millions of extreme sports lovers the world over would like to know....

Ever Wondered Where the McTwist Originated?

In terms of riding styles, board design and course creation, the world of skateboarding has been significantly impacted by its participants.  The sport has...
Echelon Snowboards

Echelon Killbox Snowboard Review

As far as snowboarding enthusiasts are concerned, the difference between an average snowboard and a quality snowboard is immeasurable. Each snowboard is built with...