Shaun White Supply Co. Street Complete Skateboard Review


Shaun White Supply Co. Street Complete SkateboardShaun White is a name well known to anyone who has followed the professional world of skateboarding during the last twenty years. At the tender age of six, Shaun was taken under the wing of world famous Skateboarder Tony Hawk, and thanks to the guidance from Tony Hawk, and his own natural ability, Shaun white turned pro at the age of 17.  Fast forward a few years and Shaun white is a two times Olympic Gold medallist, and knows a good skate set up when he sees one! Shaun followed in Tony Hawks footsteps not only with the wheels under his feet, but also in a business sense, and has long been associated with a close tie in with a large range of quality products in the skateboarding arena. This week we’re going to be taking a look at the remarkably affordable Street Complete Skateboard delivered by Shaun White Supply Co.


  • 7 Ply Hard Rock Maple Wood Construction
  • Aluminium ACD 138mm Trucks
  • ABEC Seven Speed Bearings
  • 92A Urethane Wheels with dimensions of 55mm
  • Designed by Shaun White

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Pros and Cons

It’s easy to spot a skateboard designed by a pro skater, even when it falls into a budget category. What’s perhaps surprising is the level of quality on display with this full set up. A real high quality deck is emblazoned with a fantastic graphic on the underside, which naturally will wear away in time from a range of grinds and slides, but it’s great to know that the first few months of use will still carry the fantastic graphic. Good quality aluminium trucks mean that even the hardest hitting skaters who want to push the boundaries in terms of what they put their board through; can rely on something that will stand the test of time.

We found that the board had plenty of pop for a budget board, and it strikes a nice balance between longevity and performance. The bearings are doing their job too, with a reassuringly smooth ride and good carry. Obviously a great deal of skaters are going to want this board thanks to the excellent graphics and the tie in with Shaun White, but it’s reassuring to know that you’re actually getting a good product too.

The wheels appear to be hard wearing while giving plenty of ground response and a soft feel, but obviously we have not had the deck long enough to be able to vouch for true longevity. We can assume based on our limited use that they should have a fair lifespan.

Final Thoughts

All in all, this is a skateboard to be proud of, despite the affordable price tag. It’s at times hard to understand how Shaun White has managed to create a board of this quality with such a low price tag. Naturally there are better individual parts out there which would make this a better set up, but the individual pricing of these parts would not make a lot of sense. You are certainly getting a lot of board for the money, and it’s a truly excellent starter skateboard.