International Women’s Day and the Kia World Extreme Games


March 8th saw the 104th annual International Women’s day, a day that celebrates the achievements of women in any number of different pursuits. Quite naturally here at, we’re delighted to join in the celebrations with a focus on a few amazing sportswomen who are taking part in the forthcoming Kia World Extreme Games. The games are a great showcase for female sporting talent, and there are three women in particular who we feel epitomise both the spectacle that is the Extreme Games, and of course the giant strides women have made in the sports arena.

Coco Sanchez

Coco Sanchez_4At just 22 years of age, Coco has already won admirers the world over with her incredible skill and dedication to her sport. Since victory on inline skates in the ASA world championships all the way back in 2005-2006 at the tender age of 14, she hasn’t looked back. Accolades since then include 1st place in the Empire Jam 2012, 1st place in the Blade cup of the same year, and a highly credible 2nd place in the 2012 Ail championships. In the last couple of years she has also placed third in the 2013 Panhandle Pow Wow, as well as landed a silver in the Beijing China CX Open Men’s division – quite a feat! Keeping her feet on the ground is a piece of cake for Coco, who has a refreshing outlook on life; “To find happiness is a life goal and being a bladie is my happiness.”

Chihiro Azuma

Chihiro Azuma_1Chihiro is only 18 years of age, but is one of the women in the World Extreme Games that we can’t wait to see in action. She has been blading since the age of five, and has won everything there is to win at junior level. All the way back in 2009 she picked up an incredible 1st place in the AIL girls category. From that point onwards she has picked up 1sts in every year, with the Chaz Sands invitational in 2010, and she has been a winner in the Winterclash girl’s event for the last three years. Known for a languid style, a relaxed approach and the ability to get creative with her surroundings, Chihiro is going to be a fantastic advert for women in sports at this years’ Kia World Extreme Games.

Fabiola da Silva

Fabiola Da Silva_1Fabiola da Silva is last, but certainly not least, in our round up of exceptional female athletes taking part in the Kia World Extreme Games 2014. ‘Fabby’, is known around the world as the best female skater in the world. To date she has picked up in excess of fifty medals in LG Action Sports World tour events, more than any other women on the planet. Gold medals at the X Games have been placed around her neck no less than eight times, and she has been so successful that she has been able to push back boundaries in what has traditionally been known as a male dominated sport.

Fabiola’s skill and success has meant that administrators of the sport have had to reassess the appropriateness of the lack of gender integration in the sport, to the point where what is known as the ‘Fabiola rule’, has come into play. She now regularly competes in mixed sex competitions and has regularly placed in the top ten of tournaments normally dominated by men. Fabiola is still the only women to have ever landed a double backflip on a vert ramp, and is truly a leader amongst sportswomen all over the world.

It’s our belief that the Kia World Extreme Games 2014 is sure to open the door for more great women to take their individual sports forward, and to take another step forward in creating a level playing field for sportswomen across the globe.