Kia World Extreme Games Focus – Chad Kagy


At every major event, there’s a performer who goes above and beyond what is expected, thrilling the crowds, pulling off moves that haven’t been done before, and generally progressing their particular discipline to another level. This year it could be the turn of Chad Kagy.

Chad Kagy, BMX Hero

Chad has been at the top of the ranks of all BMX disciplines for a number of years now and can easily be placed in the worlds’ elite, but that hasn’t always been the case. Chad started competing at the age of 17, but only came into the consciousness of the sport-watching general public after his performances in the 2004 X Games, earning the moniker ‘The Comeback Kid’, placing fourth despite breaking his neck just nine months before the games. From that point onwards Chad was a name in the sport, and certainly began a significant career progression.

The Early Years

In 2005, Chad, free from injury, ended the season third in the Dew Cup standings, and managed an impressive second in the X Games. This really put him on the map, and he was no longer known as the guy who did quite well, despite a broken neck! Despite successes earlier in his career dating back to 1999, 2005 was the year that he cemented his place as an important part of his sport. The following year was even better with Chad placing second in the AST Dew Tour, and finally winning the X Games. Despite the hindrance of injuries during 2007, Chad still managed to place second in both 2008 and 2009 in the overall rankings. 2010 saw another second place finish in the overall rankings and another gold at the X Games. 2011and 2012 also saw god results for Chad, and 2013 was the year that Chad really broke out, performing in a huge number of different disciplines, including winning a freestyle mountain biking event.

2013 saw a silver medal in the X Games Big Air competition, and it wasn’t long before a gold medal was awarded in Munich following a stunning Clifhangar Flip to a Flair Tailwhip on the big air ramp. Throughout the course of his long and outstanding career, Chad has now picked up 21 individual X Games medals, and has won numerous other accolades in the sport. Despite reaching the relatively ripe old age of 35, Chad still has a huge amount to offer the sport, and a lot is expected of him in this year’s Kia World Extreme Games.

Sponsorship and Exposure

2013 was a huge year for Chad, with more global coverage than ever before. With expanding horizons, Chad took part in the Nitro Circus Live tour throughout Europe, making a huge name for himself in the sport. He was also an integral part of the Nitro Circus Reality Show, which gave an insight into the lives of the great athlete. Chad also took part in a number of sponsor led activities, frequently being filmed by GoPro, one of his main sponsors.

What Can We Expect This Year?

Chad will be going all out this year to wow the crowds and add to his burgeoning collection of medals. At 35, there may not be too many more years for Chad to remain at the top of his field, so this is a great platform for him to show the world that he’s still one of the top riders out there.