Wakeboarding 101: Gear Guide for Beginners


When it comes to wakeboarding, the right gear is essential. Not only will suitable equipment keep you safe on the water, it will also help develop your skills and become a master wakeboarder in no time at all. For those just starting out in this fun and exciting sport, procuring the following gear should be the first step. Must-have items include important equipment like boards and wetsuits, as well as a sturdy wakeboard rack for optimum storage capability.

Keep reading for the ultimate wakeboarding gear guide for beginners.

wakeboarding gear guide


First time wakeboarders are encouraged to take a conservative approach when it comes to buying a board. Riding style often determines the best type of board for your needs, and this is most likely to be developed over time. In this case, a less expensive board will be perfectly suited to your emerging progress until you become more accustomed to the sport.

Wakeboarding centers can also be great in this regard because they allow you to find your footing before settling on a specific board. In many cases, novice wakeboarders will learn proper technique via knee boards and other safety equipment intended for first time riders. Additionally, most centers allow riders to rent equipment, which is ideal for those just getting into the sport.

Helmet/Impact Vest

Staying safe on the water involves selecting the right helmet for your needs. That’s why it’s important for wakeboarders of all skill levels to choose a helmet designed specifically for wakeboarding. While it may be tempting to substitute skateboarding or other types of helmets, this is not recommended.

Wakeboarding helmets are constructed from material that prevents water from streaming into one’s face while riding. This increases visibility, which is an important aspect of staying alert and aware at all times. Impact vests are also a great option for increased safety. These can protect your core when hitting the water at greater rates of speed.

Storage Racks

Wakeboards can get rather expensive, especially when it comes to higher-end models. For this reason, proper storage equipment is crucial to maintaining your investment and keeping your wakeboard intact for the duration. The Big Air Cross Brace for example looks great outfitted to one’s boat.

Wakeboard towers are an ideal option for boats because they can reduce clutter on the floor of the vessel, thereby increasing safety and convenience. Making use of storage racks is highly recommended to prevent damage from occurring, which will in turn keep your board riding smoothly.


Wetsuits are another must-have item for all first time wakeboarders. In addition to increasing buoyancy, wetsuits also allow riders to stay warm in the water. This is especially important in cooler climates, where water can become exceedingly cool even on warm days.

When searching for the right wetsuit, adequate fit is highly important. Wetsuits must be snug, but not so tight as to inhibit range of motion. Wetsuits should also not be too roomy, as this can affect one’s ability when riding. You may need to go up or down a size in order to ensure the fit is just right.

A Safe and Fun Experience for All

The above equipment is integral for creating a safe and fun experience for all wakeboarders. No matter your skill level, having the right equipment each and every time you ride can make a huge impact on your ability, as well as keep you protected no matter what occurs. So don’t neglect this wakeboarding gear guide: it matters!