The Best Tech for Your Next Extreme Sports Adventure


Whether you are traversing a new, unexplored mountain, embarking on a snowboarding adventure or going surfing with your best mates, having the right gear is always a great way to enhance the experience. We’ve already covered lots of skating, skiing, and surfing gear, including the latest Fischer boards and the stunning pair of boots by Scarpa.

In this article, however, we will focus more on the tech and gadgets that can help make the whole trip more enjoyable. There are some great new action cameras, plus drones that can help you document everything from an epic angle, and of course supporting tech to make the trip even more exciting than usual. Let’s take a closer look at these gadgets, shall we?

Nikon KeyMission 360

The Nikon KeyMission 360 is not a new piece of tech. In fact, it was launched earlier last year. However, updates and improvements have made this 360-degree camera even more valuable for extreme sports lovers. The rugged body and compact form factor makes it perfect for unique mounting positions, including on top of your helmet or on a selfie stick.

KeyMission 360 can capture 360-degree video in full 4K resolution. It is among the best in its class, offering superb details and great colour rendition, even in low light situations. On top of that, the camera supports 30fps framerate, allowing action scenes and fast-paced movements to be captured in amazing detail.

What’s truly stunning about the Nikon KeyMission 360 is its ruggedness. The camera is waterproof to 30m, so you can still take it with you the next time you go diving or jumping into a lake. You can also stop worrying about breaking the camera, because the exterior casing is designed to withstand a drop of up to 2m.

The Mellow Drive

There are plenty of awesome skateboards you can take with you on your next adventure, but The Mellow Drive is definitely special. It is currently under development and will be shipping in April this year, but the device is definitely worth the wait. The Mellow Drive is an electric skateboard with a long list of extra features.

For starters, the bearings and the whole construction of the device are much improved compared to other similar products on the market. The extra strength and ruggedness mean The Mellow Drive can be used at the park; don’t expect it to perform stunts and difficult tricks though, because electric skateboards are not designed for the job.

There is one other instance when The Mellow Drive electric skateboard kit can be handy: long walks. You don’t have to walk to the gate at the airport or take a cab just to get to a nearby surfing spot. Simply use The Mellow Drive and the wireless remote control to get there.

We love the slightly flexible board paired with the enhanced motor and battery pack. The extra flexibility makes this board very capable in different terrains. Even on rough surfaces such as paving blocks, the board can reach its optimum speed and maintain a high level of traction at all times. The entire mechanism is protected using a magnesium housing, so you really have nothing to worry about.

DJI Mavic Pro

Getting those awesome drone shots has always been a two-man job. In fact, a lot of professional surfers and skaters have a team of drone operators – with at least two people in the team – using devices such as the DJI Inspire Pro or the DJI Phantom to capture aerial shots. Drones have come a long way, but the DJI Mavic Pro is definitely special.

This piece of tech started life with a number of issues, but DJI has since released a number of firmware updates. The latest update increased the video quality even further. It also improves Mavic Pro’s tracking capabilities. This is the kind of drone you set up once and forget about.

For instance, you can have the DJI Mavic Pro in tracking or follow mode. Set it up before you tackle that slope with your best skiing manoeuvres and Mavic Pro will follow you the whole time. Sensors on the drone itself will help it select the best route while keeping you in-frame and in-focus. Upon reaching the bottom of the slope, you will get an awesome drone shot to review.

DJI Mavic Pro is also equipped with a downward-facing sensor. Want to mimic that low-angle drone shot you always see in professional videos? Now you can do it easily with the help of the Mavic Pro. Add the fact that this drone is very compact, and you have the perfect gadget to bring on your next trip.

Recon Snow2

The last gadget on our list is our personal favourite. The Recon Snow2 is a smart heads-up display for those who love skiing and extreme sports. It is compatible with a wide range of goggles, plus it can be mounted on to a pair of sunglasses if you like.

The Snow2 from Recon tracks everything and displays key stats directly on the display. Viewing angle is excellent and the heads-up display works brilliantly in various situations. Recon Snow2 is also different from other similar gadgets because it has an on-board Intel processor, as well as a long list of sensors. You can get information on your speed, the altitude, and even air pressure with this device.

The Snow2 also comes with a number of handy features. It pairs with iOS or Android devices, so you can receive notifications and accept phone calls without taking your phone out of your pocket. It can also track multiple friends and display a complete map of the resort along with their location. You can even control music playback and other functions easily.

Despite these features, Recon Snow2 still won’t block your view or hamper your runs. The display appears as if it is five feet away, making it very comfortable to see. At the end of the skiing session, you can download key stats to your computer via USB or Bluetooth. Combined with the previous gadgets we have covered in this list, the Recon Snow2 is definitely a must-have for a more exciting skiing or snowboarding trip.

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